U2 (Artists United for Africa)
-《因爱之名》(In The Name Of Love)[MP3!]

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专辑英文名In The Name Of Love

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Label: Sparrow Records


本人比较喜欢"Sunday Blood Sunday" by Pillar,"Beautiful Day" by Sanctus Real ,"One" by Tait
& "With Or Without You" by GRITS.

想了解更多,请进入他们的官方网站: http://www.artistsunitedforafrica.com/

In The Name of Love In The Name of Love is a Sparrow/EMI/World Vision project to raise money for AIDS-ravaged African villages by having Christian artists cover U2 hits. Sanctus Real had the first big hit of the project with Beautiful Day, and recently presented World Vision with a check for $75,000. The artists seemed to be passionate about their involvement in the project and the results are enjoyable. Pillar gets the CD off to a rousing start with their excellent hard rocking version of Sunday Bloody Sunday (although not as hard as typical Pillar). That's followed by the Sanctus Real hit cover of Beautiful Day and 40 by Canada's latest free trade export, Starfield.

Leigh Nash's exquisite vocals are perfect for Sixpence's Love is Blindness and Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline gives it his all on Gloria, a song that I'd like to see Audio A perform live. Nichole Nordeman gives a suitably gentle performance on Grace, and Jars of Clay add their trademark sound to All I Want is You. TobyMac gets funky on Mysterious Ways and the title track offers the requisite United Kingdom accent as Delirious? gives a passionate performance of Pride (In The Name of Love).

One is covered convincingly by TAIT, and Grits featuring Jadyn Maria gives a hip-hop spin to With or Without You. Todd Agnew rocks on When Love Comes to Town and Chris Tomlin closes out the album with a strong performance on Where The Streets Have No Name.

In The Name of Love gives listeners a chance to contribute to a good cause while enjoying some of their favorite artists covering U2. That's sure to be a winning combination. In fact, the "In The Name of Love" tour is planned for fall, featuring Todd Agnew and Starfield, plus a couple of artists not on this CD--BarlowGirl and Building 429.

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1. "Sunday Blood Sunday" by Pillar
2. "Beautiful Day" by Sanctus Real
3. "40" by Starfield
4. "Love Is Blindness" by Sixpence None The Richer
5. "Gloria" by Audio Adrenaline
6. "Grace" by Nichole Nordeman
7. "All I Want Is You" by Jars Of Clay
8. "Mysterious Ways" by tobyMac
9. "Pride, In The Name of Love" by Delirious
10. "One" by Tait
11. "With Or Without You" by GRITS
12. "When Love Came To Town" by Todd Agnew
13. "Where The Streets Have No Name" by Chris Tomlin






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