Altaria -《The Fallen Empire》[MP3]

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专辑英文名The Fallen Empire

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出品厂牌:Metal Heaven
音乐流派:Melodic Power Metal
压缩码率:320 Kpbs CBR


来自芬兰Jakobstad小镇的Altaria乐队在2000年成军,其主要曲风为Power Metal,不同于一般的Power Metal高吭音调的风格,他们在曲子还添加了一点摇滚味,有点像是Rock & Metal的综合体,有着与众不凡的气势,然而却又带点铁汉柔情的元素来诠译,呈现出Power Metal另一种不同的音乐风貌。

2003年乐队被德国金属大厂Metal Heaven签下,发行了首张专辑《Invitation》;2006年他们共同和德国金属女皇Doro以及同乡的力量金属名团Sonata Arctica合作演出,这几年团员一直变动,同时也和不少大牌乐队的成员互有往来,如Nightwish的吉他手Erno "Emppu" Vuorinen,Sonata Arctica的吉他手Jani Liimatainen,而现在唯一从建立之初就在乐队中的成员就只有鼓手Tony Smedjebacka,今年乐队刚刚发行了第5张专辑《Unholy》(其中四张完整录音室专辑,一张精选集),同时他们还将再度投入欧洲各地巡回演唱。

《The Fallen Empire》是乐队的第三张录音室专辑,成员有了比较大的变动,原来的吉他手Vuorinen成为Nightwish固定成员,Liimatainen也到Sonata Arctica去了,而原来Celesty乐队的J-P Alanen加入了Altaria,以下是来自lordsofmetal网站的乐评:

Again I have the pleasure to review a new album from the Finnish band Altaria. There have been some line-up changes since the last time, Jani Liimatainen decided to give his full concentration exclusively to his main band Sonata Arctica. But no worries, another great axe man took his place; it’s J-P Alanen formerly from Celesty. With him the band not only gained a great new guitarist, he is also a very fine songwriter and the new album by Altaria, ‘The Fallen Empire’, showcases that great talent.

Altaria continues to follow the path they trod on with their previous album ‘Divinity’. That means high quality melodic metal produced in the best possible way. They provide more than fifty minutes of mainly high-class music and they prove that they have matured a lot since their second album. Their new release starts with one of the best songs of the album. The song is called ‘Disciples’ and it contains some intelligent riffing and rhythms. Vocalist Taage Laiho’s voice is again very good and it still is a wise decision that this man was asked to join this band for their previous album.

‘Valley Of Rainbows’ is a smooth rocker with a divine guitar solo. The best track on this album has to be ‘Abyss Of Twilight’. Man, just listen to the appealing start of this song, that is one of the best driving rhythms I have ever heard. It’s hard to sit still and to not bang my head when I am typing these words. With ‘Frozen Hearts’ the guys take it a bit more slow, it’s a nice AOR kind of ballad. Again a very catchy rhythm we get from tune number five called ‘Crucifix’. ‘Showdown’ is one of the few songs that does not quite cut it for me, this song is a cliché kind of rock song. But they immediately make up for that with the catchy song ‘The Lion’, again a very melodic power rocker that will get you moving.

‘Outlaw Blood’ is a very striking tune that will suck you in their joy of playing, you just cannot hold still. ‘Chosen One’ is next to the first song on this album and ‘Abyss Of Twilight’ the best tune, especially because of that awesome double guitar solo somewhere in the middle. ‘Access Denied’ starts off with some beautiful acoustic guitar playing and turns into a mean and heavy rocker. Normally the Japanese get all those extra bonus-tracks, Altaria turned that around, and they give us European listeners a bonus. And this is not even a mediocre album filler, it is by far the longest track and an absolute killer. This song is structured very well; it starts off like ballad but then turns into a fast tune with all the ingredients of a great composition. In this song we can find a very fine keyboard-solo. The empire of Altaria has not fallen yet, they are still standing tall.


01. Disciples
02. Valley of Rainbows
03. Abyss of Twilight
04. Frozen Hearts
05. Crucifix
06. Showdown
07. The Lion
08. Outlaw Blood
09. Chosen one
10. Access Denied
11. The Dying Flame (Bonus Track)
12. Metality (Bonus Track)






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