《Yollow Tools超级贝斯音源 1.7升级版》(Yellow Tools Majestic Basses)

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    制作发行Yollow Tools
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中文名Yollow Tools超级贝斯音源 1.7升级版
英文名Yellow Tools Majestic Basses
制作发行Yollow Tools

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已通过安装测试:windows xp
共享服务器:BiG BanG 9 或 Lyon power server



Majestic Basses包括16GB有史以来最完美的贝斯采样,适合各种风格的音乐,有4弦、5弦、无品贝斯等,技巧采样非常全面,包括4种效果:美国电子管、英国电子管、工作室、温暖。界面友好,易于操作。

Achieve Majestic Bass Sounds!
NOTE: This product requires a Yellow Tools Authorization Key, sold separately.

Yellow Tools MAJESTIC might be the definitive bass sample library for your Windows or Mac DAW! Nearly 16GB of the finest bass samples ever recorded are at your command for creating any style of music.

Yellow Tools MAJESTIC at a Glance:

Huge library of 4-string, 5-string and fretless bass samples

Three uniquely musical categories of sounds

Optimized playback for low CPU load and powerful MIDI control

Multiple plug-in format support plus standalone capability

Gigabytes of basses!
With Yellow Tools MAJESTIC, you'll never be lacking that bass sound that you need to make your tracks sing. With 16GB of 4-string, 5-string and fretless basses to choose from you'll be able to pick the "perfect" bass. Among the basses sampled for this collection are a Fretless Jazz Bass, a 1955 Precision Bass played with the thumb, an Ibanez BTB 5-string and more! And as a special bonus, MAJESTIC even includes a hundred-year-old upright bass.

You can play MAJESTIC's natural basses with a wide variety of attacks such as fingered, fingered muted thumb, slapped, picked and picked muted. In addition to these Majestic gives you playing techniques such as long notes, vibrato notes, short notes, ghosts, tappings, hammer-ons, 8th notes, slow slides, fast slides, back slides, fret noises, FX - everything with up to 8 velocity splits per note!

Four distinct tonal character categories
The basses in MAJESTIC are available in these 4 tonal categories:

American Tube: Typical bass sound played through legendary American preamps

British Tube: Typical bass sound played through legendary British preamps

DI: Direct Input bass sounds that you can shape yourself, exactly as you would if you had a bass player in your studio

Warm: Bass sounds fully produced with EQ and compression, designed to fit specific musical styles

To achieve even more authentic bass performances, the instruments in MAJESTIC were recorded in two different scales.

Designed with your DAW in mind!
From the minute you open the MAJESTIC package, you'll find it to be extremely computer - and user - friendly. All sounds exist as single image files on the DVDs, so you don't have to copy the whole 16 GB to your hard disk, just the instruments you want to use. Aided by the custom MVI software playback engine and a clear user interface the sounds are optimized for low CPU load. Extensive MIDI control of attack envelopes, filters and more makes you the master of your bass. Keyswitch control gives you the power to combine styles on the same keyboard layout. MAJESTIC is vast, user friendly and intuitive to play from a keyboard!

Multi-format plug-in support plus standalone use
MAJESTIC supports a variety of plug-in formats for Mac and Windows applications. In each package you'll find:

Windows: VST 2.0, RTAS and DXi

Mac: VST 2.0 (OS 9 and OS X), RTAS (OS Classic and OS X), Audio Units and CoreAudio

In addition, MAJESTIC plays in standalone mode on either platform. You'll be able to play your bass lines without having to fire up your DAW software at all!






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