Steve Earle -《Just an American Boy》Live 2 CD[MP3]

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专辑英文名Just an American Boy
歌手Steve Earle
版本Live 2 CD

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专辑风格:Roots Rock;Country-Rock;New Traditionalist


严格意义上说,Steve Earle不是乡村歌手,而是一个根源摇滚歌手,他的音乐中有着太多的兼收并蓄和折中主义,比那些一顶牛仔帽、一把吉他的乡村歌手要复杂得多。在80年代中期,当时在乡村音乐界,Bruce Springsteen已经是家喻户晓,Dwight Yoakam也开始了neo-traditionalist运动。当1986年首张唱片《吉他镇(Guitar Town)》推出时,Steve Earle已在乡村音乐界奋斗了近10年。他是位根植于70年代"叛逆"运动的雄心勃勃的歌曲作者。埃尔的歌和音乐兼有摇滚的节奏,民谣的旋律和乡村的叙事。《吉他镇》主要反映的是美国蓝领阶级的失望和渴望,它提示了纳什维尔风格远远迷失了自己劳动阶级的根本。Steve Earle完全可以与布鲁斯.斯普林斯汀和约翰.康加.迈伦坎普这两位关注相同主题的摇滚歌星相提并论,他似乎认为现今的乡村音乐已还是原本的劳动阶级的音乐了。从那时开始他有很多忠实的跟随者。但他的个人经历相当坎坷,现年45岁的他已经经历过6次婚姻(!)。90年代初,吸毒和酗酒几乎毁掉了 Earle的歌唱事业,94年他一度还曾因私藏毒品被判刑。但自从1995年复出以来,Earle洗心革面,创作力极其旺盛,以一年一张的速度出版专辑,而且每一张都是既叫好又叫座。

Steve Earle subtitled his 2003 live album Just an American Boy an "Audio Documentary," which may be a bit more grand than it deserves, though in all fairness an awful lot had happened with Earle in the 12 years since his last live album, Shut Up and Die Like an Aviator (recorded shortly before Earle's drug habit bottomed out both his career and his personal life for several years), and a lot was going on with him at the time this show was recorded. Always free with his opinions, Earle's 2002 album Jerusalem, which was written and recorded in the wake of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on America, featured a song about "American Taliban" John Walker Lindh, and soon Earle was being denounced as a traitor by right-wing commentators faster than you could say "Dixie Chicks." As Earle himself puts it on this album, recorded on the tour supporting Jerusalem, "Things have been really f*cking weird down South, and they're gonna get even weirder," and he uses much of Just an American Boy to spotlight the progressive political slant that has long been a part of his songwriting, ranging from his moving anti-death penalty ballad "Billy Austin," the labor anthem "Harlan Man," and his call for new people's heroes in "Christmas in Washington" to a venomous screed against "compassionate conservatism," "Amerika V. 6.0 (The Best We Can Do)." While Earle mounts a soapbox through much of this set, his political views fortunately don't take a back seat to his skill as a songwriter, which remains razor sharp, or his vocals, which are craggy but emphatic on these recordings, with Earle and his band (including Eric "Roscoe" Ambel and Will Rigby) revving up a potent head of steam throughout. And Earle still knows a good song and a good laugh on the apolitical side of things, as witnessed by "I Remember You," "Ft. Worth Blues," and his stories about encountering square-headed cowboys named Otto in Schertz, TX. The last time Earle recorded a live double, his voice was about to give up on him and he was running on fumes; Just an American Boy finds him strong, defiant, eager to take a stand, and playing like a man half his age. Maybe that doesn't merit an "Audio Documentary," but it's pretty inspiring, and makes for good listening, too.


Just An American Boy - The Audio Documentary CD DISC 1:
1. Audience Intro
2. Amerika V. 6.0
3. Ashes to Ashes
4. Paranoia
5. Conspiracy Theory
6. I Remember You
7. Schertz, Texas - (mono)
8. Hometown Blues
9. Mountain, The
10. Pennsylvania Miners
11. Harlan Man
12. Copperhead Road
13. Guitar Town
14. I Oppose the Death Penalty - (mono)
15. Over Yonder (Jonathan's Song)
16. Billy Austin

Just An American Boy - The Audio Documentary Songs DISC 2:
1. Audience Intro
2. South Nashville Blues
3. Rex's Blues / Ft. Worth Blues
4. John Walker's Blues
5. Jerusalem
6. Unrepentant, The
7. Christmas in Washington
8. Democracy - (mono)
9. What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding?
10. Time You Waste







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