Celtic Thunder -《Take Me Home 》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Take Me Home

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从08年3月起,Celtic Thunder凭借他们的第二张专辑Celtic Thunder Act II在Billboard世界音乐榜上排了45周的冠军。他们在北美巡演后发行了这张Take Me Home的演唱会记录(09年4月21日拍摄于安大略Rama赌场),以CD和DVD形式发行。

新的一些曲目十分动感。Damian在Happy Birthday Sweet 16和Breaking Up is Hard to Do的演唱十分出彩。Ryan所扮演的黑暗角色毁灭者完美诠释出斯汀的Every Breath You Take。George的幽默个性在500Miles一曲中得到体现,而Paul版的You Raise Me Up也整个演出的一个突出部分。有着一头金发的Keith自弹自唱的“Castles in the Air”不知又要偷走多少少女的心。合唱的“Working Man”和“Take Me Home”,将他们的声线得以更有力的发挥出来。“Danny's Boy”这个人声伴奏合唱曲目是在他们的第五大街St Patrick's Day的表演后加入更多流行元素,并在当晚到白宫表演。这是他们在美国的事业上取得的一个高峰。

这张新砖包括了5首从未演出过的曲目包括Keith的Homes of Donegal和Wichita Lineman,Paul的Because We Believe,Ryan的原创Midnight Run以及合唱的Green Fields of France。

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Since March 2008, Celtic Thunder has spent over 45 weeks at the top of the Billboard World Music Charts, knocking themselves off the number 1 spot with their second CD "Celtic Thunder Act II." Now after scanning close to 400K units and playing to over 200,000 people on their second North American Tour Celtic Thunder presents Take Me Home (filmed at Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada on April 21st '09) an all new show on CD and DVD.

The event features almost all new material with only three of the most popular songs from the original Celtic Thunder pledge show included. The new songs are dynamic and exciting. Damian (a foot and a half taller with a new deeper voice) has great new songs in "Happy Birthday Sweet 16" and "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" and would give a young Neil Sedaka or Frankie Vallie a run for his money! Ryan's dark destroyer character develops well with a rendition of Sting's "Every Breath You Take", George's personality and sense of humour comes to the fore in "500 Miles", a highlight in the show and Paul's performance of "You Raise Me Up" is not to be missed. Keith, the blonde surfer heart-throb is set to steal more hearts with "Castles in the Air" accompanying himself on the guitar. The guys come together for both "Working Man" and "Take Me Home", as ever their voices even more powerful in these ensemble songs, and in the harmony pieces. "Danny's Boy" A Cappella, has been included due to popular demand after their performance on 5th Ave for "St Patrick's Day" and performing it at the White House that night - the highlight of their success in the USA.

The new CD of "Celtic Thunder - Take Me Home" is also all new songs not featured on previous CD's. It will have 5 songs that are not on either the Pledge TV show or the new DVD. These are "Homes of Donegal" and "Wichita Lineman" from Keith, "Because We Believe" by Paul, a new original "Midnight Run" with Ryan and all of them in "Green Fields of France." All of us at Celtic Thunder hope that our new show "Celtic Thunder - Take Me Home" available from WLIW for the June Pledge - along with the new CD and DVD of "Celtic Thunder - Take Me Home" as new premiums to offer members are successful for Public Television this June and beyond and help bring in much needed revenues in these difficult times!



1. The Homes Of Donegal
2. Working Man
3. Every Breath You Take
4. Belfast Polka/Pennsylvania Railroad
5. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
6. Steal Away
7. Because We Believe
8. Wichita Lineman
9. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
10. The Green Fields Of France
11. MIdnight Well
12. Appalachian Round Up
13. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
14. You Raise Me Up
15. Take Me Home






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