John Tejada -《Fabric 44》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Fabric 44
歌手John Tejada

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Label: Fabric
Quality: 192 Kbps
Style: Electronic
Genere: Electro/Techno/Ambient


来自美国的DJ兼音乐制作人John Tejada即将再次加盟Fabric厂牌,为其著名的合辑系列负责混音制作。可以说,此次的《Fabric 44》混音专辑对于Tejada,又将成为其混音生涯中一个重要的里程碑。

John Tejada的录音技法在舞曲界也享有盛誉。按照他自己的说法“对于许多曲目我都进行了调整,在此次的混音制作中,我着重希望通过一些手段使得乐迷在聆听音乐的时候,仿佛置身DJ现场表演的情境中,我希望整个选曲工作能够将不同的音乐融合成一个音乐块:比如经典techno音乐块,就是使得不同的音乐与音乐情绪从一开始就慢慢调整一致,并融入一些经典音乐的韵味在其中。”据悉,这一次的交响乐工作将由Tejada自己的厂牌Palette进行负责,不过,专辑中有两首曲目的配乐工作将由Hardwax进行负责。-电音中国

It wasn't until I remembered where John Tejada comes from that I could finally figure out what had grabbed me about this mix. Of course—he was born in Austria and has lived in Los Angeles since he was eight. As hard and crisp and comfortably contoured as the 20 tracks he's selected for his Fabric mix are—eight are from Tejada's Palette label—when he puts them together, they don't feel entirely European or Detroit-y even when individually they do. Fabric 44 has that locked-grid momentum central to what is enjoyable about techno, but even in those moments when the focus goes fuzzy and the bleeps blend closer together—such as the slow fritz-out of Alex Cortez's "Phlogiston EP," or Palette All-Stars' "After School Special," an acid track whose disorienting qualities sneak up on the listener—nothing becomes claustrophobic.
  Clearly, Tejada's background in pre-N.W.A. West Coast electro helps him here. There's elbow room in these circuits, which makes this mix, in feel if not sound, seem pretty L.A. And it helps that a lot of these tracks twinkle rather brightly. Donnacha Costello's "Colorseries Olive B" builds to a melodic fresco so squinchy and ecstatic it's like sunshine peeking through a warehouse window covered in newspaper. Tejada and Justin Maxwell's "Benus Boats" is a perfectly constructed loop-and-variations track that seems to spring out of the air anew with every iteration; its breakdown-and-build-up slides into "M Track 1" by Tejada and Arian Leviste, a coolly timed step sideways into a less bounding groove, which is then dropped for a beautifully timed appearance from "Farenheit 303," an early Orbital track.
  That brings the mix to its major shift: the tracks get more stripped down and classic-sounding, right in line with the Orbital pick: M-Core's "Be Gene," Spooky's "Candy," and at the end, "Huba (Plaid's 15 Years Lost Remix)" by LJ Kruzer. This last one is a revealing choice: it has the four-four stomp you expect, but instead of sprinting to the finish line, it instead gives the mix's ending a meandering flavor—it drifts to an end rather than cruising. Sometimes you want to finish dancing by walking in the sun.


1. Dave Hughes ?Let's Do It' [Palette] - Dave Hughes, John Tejada
2. Pigon ?Kamm' [Beatstreet] - Pigon, John Tejada
3. Namlook ?Subharmonic Atoms' [MacRo] - Pete Namlook, John Tejada
4. Donnacha Costello ?Colorseries Olive B' [Minimise] - Donnacha Costello, John Tejada
5. ?WAX10001' s Olive B' [Hardwax] - John Tejada, Wax & EOM
6. Nekes ?Cristal' s Olive B' [Oslo Records] - Nekes, John Tejada
7. Alex Cortez ?Phlogiston EP' s Olive B' [Pal SL] - Alex Cortiz, John Tejada
8. Downtown Hotel - Palette Allstars, John Tejada
9. After School Special - Palette Allstars, John Tejada
10. Eqd ?Equalized001' [Hardwax] - EQD, John Tejada
11. John Tejada & Justin Maxwell ?Benus Boats' [Palette] - Justin Maxwell, John Tejada
12. John Tejada & Arian Leviste ?M Track 1' [Palette] - Arian Leviste, John Tejada
13. Orbital ?Farenheit 303' M Track 1' [FFRR] - Orbital, John Tejada
14. John Tejada ?Torque' M Track 1' [Palette] - John Tejada
15. Be Gene - M-Core, John Tejada
16. John Tejada & Arian Leviste ?Forbidden Planet' [Palette] - Arian Leviste, John Tejada
17. Substance ?Relish ' Forbidden Planet' [Scion Versions][Mix] - Substance, John Tejada
18. Spooky ?Candy' Forbidden Planet' - Spooky, John Tejada
19. John Tejada ?the Open' Forbidden Planet' [Palette] - John Tejada
20. LJ Kruzer ?Huba ' [Uncharted Audio [Plaid's 15 Years Lost Remix] - LJ Kruzer, John Tejada






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