《《三位一体》 超人、蝙蝠侠、神奇女侠 欧美英文 全彩漫画 》(《TRINITY》 Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman [DC COMIC])[压缩包]

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中文名《三位一体》 超人、蝙蝠侠、神奇女侠 欧美英文 全彩漫画
英文名《TRINITY》 Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman [DC COMIC]

Trinity #1-#3 (2003)

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Publication information

Publisher : DC Comics
Schedule : Monthly
Format : Limited series
Publication date : June 2003 to November 2003
Number of issues : 3
Main character(s) : Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Ra's Al Ghul, Bizarro

Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity was a three issue comic book limited series published by DC Comics. Written and drawn by Matt Wagner, the series focused on the first meeting and first alliance between DC's Trinity: Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

Wagner pulls out their differences in the story. Batman is a wary loner and already the occasional partner of Superman, but Wagner touches on the concept that they may be so complimentary because their methods, if not their goals, are so radically different. And while Wonder Woman is perhaps closer to the clean-cut spirit of Superman, she's got something that neither he nor Batman have: a family at home.

Critics and fans applauded the series, during and following its original release in comic book format, and onto collection format. Reviewers felt that the change in storytelling by having the characterization more of the star of the mini-series, than the pacing, plotting or action, was a welcome change. This was due to, what reviewers felt, that all three characters had "shallow portrayals" in their monthly titles at the time. Some reviewers found some drawbacks, such as the concept getting a little lost along the way. As well as the fact that some felt that there was no feeling, nor challenge, that could've even suggest that the Big Three might have been unable to prevail the adventure from this mini-series.

Trinity #1-#52 (2008—2009)

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Publication information
Publisher : DC Comics
Schedule : Weekly
Format : Limited series
Genre : Superhero
Publication date : June, 2008 – May, 2009
Number of issues : 52
Main character(s) : Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman

The story begins with Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman all experiencing the same dream. The dream is of someone screaming to be let out. After determining that none of the other heroes are having them, they reason that someone is attacking them directly. They start to hear the voice in the waking world too.

At the same time, a mysterious man calling himself Enigma approaches Morgaine Le Fey, and tells her that the three heroes are a "trinity", keystones to the power of the universe itself (the keystone to the multiverse is the New Earth universe, this universe's keystone is Earth, and Earth's keystones are the Trinity), and convinces her to join him in taking their places by using a mystic ritual.

To achieve this goal they enlist Despero as an ally; as three are required to take the power of the Trinity, Enigma will seize Batman's place, Morgaine will take Wonder Woman's, and Despero will usurp Superman's. The three then send out agents such as countless Gotham City criminals and the inhuman Howlers, to steal items connected to the heroes (including objects that could not conceivably be stolen, such as the Joker's laughter) and countless relics related to Egyptian tarot. They also conspire to mark the heroes with mystic runes, obtain the Cosmic Egg containing Krona, and abduct the mystic Tarot, who recently was revealed to have a connection to a power known as the "Worldsoul". Jose Delgado, also known as Gangbuster, teams up with the Justice League of America to find Tarot, as he was guarding her when she was taken and feels he should help in her rescue.

As she studies their targets, Morgaine realizes why each third of the Trinity holds his or her share of the power: Batman is the pinnacle of human achievements, physical and mental; Superman is the ultimate freedom fighter, with an absolute will; and Wonder Woman's message inspires all around her to do what is right to the end. She is also seen using Tarot's abilities with the cards to foresee the future to engineer her plans more strictly.

The Trinity take note of these strange occurrences and investigate, along with the Justice League, Justice Society of America and Gangbuster.

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没有官方正式版本的中文简介 很难在这里随手涂鸦
不过 此英文原版全彩漫画 无论语言通与不通 内容与画面都很精彩!






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