《ps3游戏软件开发工具》(PlayStation 3 Software Development Kit)【UP 3.70】[压缩包]

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英文名PlayStation 3 Software Development Kit
别名ps3 sdk kit
版本【UP 3.70】

IPB Image

IPB Image

ps3游戏软件开发工具支持 Sony / Toshiba / IBM Cell 处理器的编译及软件开发。


感谢网友fuzzylogic提供CellSDK-Devel-Fedora_3. 链接




PLAYSTATION®3 Programmer Tool Runtime Library 160.008
Copyright© 2007 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.
All Rights Reserved.
This package includes the software required for developing application
software with the hardware with RSX™ (Reference Tool).

The HDD boot game utility that was provided as a separate package
(PS3_SDK_HDD_GAME-154_004.zip) has been included in SDK.
The PDF documents of the HDD boot game utility has been included in
PS3_SDKDoc-160_01-Latest-*.zip, too.

In this package, the following components are not included.
Eclipse Plugins and Performance Analyzer Tools will be released soon.
- Eclipse Plugins
- Performance Analyzer Tools

The following are included in the info directory.
Please make sure to read them.

- Software Setup Guide
- Important_Changes: SDK160 new features,chages,notes
- Notice: known bugs, and limitations
- Bugfix: bug fix
- Reference System Supplement
- Reference Tool Operating Instructions (*)
- RefToolHW_operating_instructions/
DEH/ Operating Instructions of Reference Tool DEH
(English and Japanese instructions are in each files)
DECR/ Operating Instructions of Reference Tool DECR
- text/ : The text files of Important_Changes, Notice and Bugfix

(*) The same document as SDK 154 is used since no change is made.

When using the software included in the SDK package, please make sure
to download the following packages that are provided in separate packages.

PS3_CP_Update-150_004.zip Reference Tool CP update file
PS3_SDK_SampleData-160_008.zip Sample Data
PS3_Toolchain-Win_160_008.zip gcc/gdb Windows
PS3_Toolchain-Linux_160_008.zip gcc/gdb Linux
PS3_SDKDoc-160_01-Latest-*.zip Documents
PS3_Generator-115.zip Disc Image Generator
PS3_Eclipse_Plugins-150_004.zip Eclipse Plugins
PS3_PA_150_004.zip Performance Analyzer Tools
PS3_at3tool-2000.zip at3tool
PAMF_Tools-100.zip PAMF Tools
MultiStream_Tools-135.zip MultiStream Tools
SEdit-1200.zip SEdit
VAGconverter-1.0.zip VAG Converter

"Cell" is the code name for an advanced microprocessor being developed
jointly by IBM Corporation, Sony Corporation,
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. and Toshiba Corporation.

Environment for Operation Check
Linux Environment
Red Hat Professional Workstation (Linux 2.4.21)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 WS (Linux 2.6.9)
SUSE Linux Professional 9.2 (Linux 2.6.8)

Windows Environment
Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2

Contents of This Package
|---version-SDK Release version file
|---license Trademarks and Licenses file
| |---license_*.txt
| +---others
| |---RefToolHW_operating_instructions
| +---text
|---host-linux linux version of utility
|---host-win32 windows version of utility
| |---updater Flash Memory update file
| |---images executable image files (system files)
| |---tool libprof.sprx
| |---common
| | +---include
| |---ppu
| | |---include
| | +---lib
| +---spu
| |---include
| +---lib

SDK160 Environment Setting
Once the package is expanded, the software for the communication
processor must be updated first.
Please refer to "Reference Tool Software Setup Guide" for the detailed
updating procedure, and please note the following points when updating.

- If you are using the environment of SDK100 or before, please write
the Flash Memory with the ebootrom included in SDK100 first.

- Please note that the operation of when updated directly
from the environment of SDK100 or before to SDK160 is not guaranteed.

Permission and Restrictions on Use
The permission and restrictions on using this package conform to
the contract concluded between your company and our company (Sony
Computer Entertainment Inc).

Trademarks and Licenses
For the trademarks and licenses of the software included in
the Reference Tool and this package, please refer to the files within
the license folder.

The Cmpware Configurable Multiprocessor Development Kit (CMP-DK) version 3.0 for the Cell BE is a powerful software development environment for application programming of the Sony / Toshiba / IBM Cell Broadband Engine.

Features include:

Eclipse based IDE
Fast processor simulation (4M+ instr/sec)
Profiling and performance monitoring
Fast access to all system data
Animated multicore display
Special SPU scheduling and alignment tools

Programming multiple processing cores can be a challenge. Coordinating and balancing work among multiple processors adds a new level of complexity to traditional programming tasks.The Cmpware CMP-DK for the Cell BE addresses the needs of programmers of multicore devices such as the Cell BE. A
simulation-based software development environment provides more control and data visibility than hardware, often at a greatly reduced complexity and cost.Our Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is built from the ground up to support multicore device programming. Fast, easy access to all system data, presented in familiar formats makes the Cmpwre CMP-DK easy to learn and easy to use.Multiple views of system data allow executing software to be analyzed at the multiprocessor, source code, assembly language and register level.The Cmpware CMP-DK lets programmers load, execute, profile and optimize multicore code all in one highly integrated IDE. When used with other standard Eclipse tools, all software
development, including editing source code and compilation can all be done in one IDE.
The Cmpware CMP-DK is a multi-platform toolkit which runs on any system supporting Java and Eclipse. Improve the perfomance of your software. Reduce the number of bugs. Increase programmer productivity. Today.

[已通过安装测试]Windows XP Professional + Service Pack 3
共享服务器:通常Razorback 3.1/Razorback 3.0
软件版权归原作者及原软件公司所有 ,本资源仅供试用。

《IBM Power 处理器架构》(IBM Power Architecture)




fuzzylogic 2009/06/13 11:32:44 补充
Cell SDK 3.1,比较少用Windows,大家来加速




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