原声大碟 -《Disney Channel Hits: Take 1》[MP3]

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专辑中文名Disney Channel Hits: Take 1

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这张专辑是迪斯尼频道热门歌曲系列,专辑收录了希拉瑞达芙,平民天后主题曲I Can't Wait, LPDZ 组合的特色命运之子;乌鸦组合的歌曲That's So Raven;Supernatural;Shine;以及罗恩和卢斯福的The Naked Mole Rap;专辑在迪斯尼频道占有点击率极高的地位。

The concept behind this compilation is straightforward enough: songs from recently broadcast (as of this 2004 release) Disney Channel television shows, accompanied by a bonus DVD of videos to accompany five of the 15 tracks. It delivers about what you'd expect: an assortment of songs in the style of current (again, as of 2004) rock, pop, R&B, and rap trends, not as superficial or pure kiddie in tone as some might anticipate from something bearing the Disney brand name, but certainly on the lightweight side as those styles go. The top name from the pop world is Hilary Duff, represented by "I Can't Wait" (from her Lizzie McGuire show) on both the CD and DVD; Raven gets into teen urban contemporary R&B; Christy Carlson Romano mashes techno-pop and R&B together on "Say the Word"; and rap rears its head for Ron Stoppable & Rufus' "The Naked Mole Rap." Too, it's evident from the ringing guitar intro to "Lizzie McGuire Theme Song" that someone involved in the track might be a big Byrds fan; that song is presented in an "Extended Supa Mix," whatever that means (and it certainly isn't that "extended," lasting about two and a half minutes). The CD itself isn't too long (33 minutes, even with the inclusion of previously unreleased songs from Even Stevens, Lilo & Stitch: The Series, Phil of the Future, and Dave the Barbarian) and is heavy on theme songs, but then, this isn't meant for discerning adult customers. It's more for their kids, who might already be familiar with many of these tunes from watching the programs that originated them. The music videos on the bonus DVD mix three real-people clips with a couple of animations, of which "The Naked Mole Rap" is the highlight. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide


1. Lizzie Maguire / Lizzie Maguire Theme Song
2. Hilary Duff / I Can't Wait
3. Raven / That's So Raven
4. Raven / Supernatural
5. Raven / Shine
6. Christy Calson Ramano / Say the Word
7. LMNT / It's Just You
8. Ron Stoppable / The Naked Mole Rap
9. Solange / The Proud Family Theme Song
10. LPDI / Enjoy Yourself
11. Penny Proud / It's All About Family
12. Even Stevens / Even Stevens Theme Song
13. Jump5 / Aloha, E Komo Mai
14. Phil Of The Future / Phil Of The Future Theme Song
15. Dave the Barbarian / Dave the Barbarian Theme Song






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