John Digweed -《Choice:A Collection Of Classics》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Choice:A Collection Of Classics
歌手John Digweed

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压缩码率: 206 Kbps
专辑风格: House
发行厂牌: Azuli Records


随着足以称为传奇的世界级DJ如Jeff Mills、Louie Vega、Danny Tenaglia、X-Press 2等人纷纷为英国成立以久的唱片厂牌Azuli发行DJ自选专辑,电音班霸John Digweed亦不落人后的在Azuli旗下发行了《Choice》系列选辑!琳琅满目的曲序从洋溢非洲风的Voice Of Africa、经典摇滚乐队The Cure 、Trip-Hop/ Electronica二人组合Smith & Mighty到红遍全球的电气大团Underworld!乐迷们能够在《Choice》中找到深刻影响John Digweed风格的时代之音,请慢慢享受John Digweed为您精选好的《Choice》!

Like all DJ's worth their salt, John Digweed has a seriously deep record collection. On this two-disc mix set, he presents tracks that have influenced him over his long and influential career. Fans expecting the spacy progressive house of his Bedrock label will be surprised to find none here. Instead, Digweed starts off with honest-to-goodness breakbeats and gradually increases the tempo, although things never get hectic. This is strictly classic business, with long out-of-print records that reflect the innocence and optimism of early dance music. Highlights include the slow breaks of The Grid's "Floatation," the U2-esque trip hop of T. Tauri's "Joy to the World," and the cascading piano licks of Smith and Mighty's "Dark House."

The Azuli Choice - A Collection of Classics compilation series are retrospective compilation albums selected by renowned DJs. Contributors are invited to unearth rarities and forgotten gems from their record collections, demonstrating their influences but often drawing on styles outside those which they would normally play in a club set; they usually also provide detailed liner notes explaining their musical selections. DJs who have contributed to the series so far include: Danny Tenaglia, Tony Humphries, Francois K ,X-Press 2, Jeff Mills , John Digweed and Roger Sanchez.

In most cases, the Choice compilations are mixed; however the eclectic nature of the music chosen means that beat-mixing is not always possible or appropriate. For this reason, some of the albums have been loosely segued together, while others, such as that by Francois K, remain completely unmixed.

Azuli records' boss Dave Piccioni has said that while the Choice compilations make no money and are difficult to put together due to licensing issues, they are also among the releases of which he is the most proud.

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Disc: 1
1. Hoomba Hoomba - Voices of Africa
2. Floatation - The Grid
3. Joy to the World [No Felt Mix] - T Tauri
4. Dreambeam [Ben Chapman 12" Remix] - Hypnotone
5. Dark House - Smith & Mighty
6. Don't Make Me Wait - Peech Boys
7. Your Wildlife [Red Zone Mix] - Propaganda
8. Security 88 [Midnight Club Mix] - Beat Club
9. Cascades [Hypnotone Mix] - Sheer
10. Mercurial [Euphoric Original Mix] - Euphoria
11. White Love [Scott Hardkiss' Psychic Masturbation Mix] - One Dove
12. We Came in Peace [John Digweed Re-Edit] - Dance 2 Trance
13. Desert Storm - Desert Storm
14. Alone It's Me [Alley Cat Edit]
15. MMM Skyscraper I Love You [Jamscraper Mix] - Underworld

Disc: 2
1. Beautiful [Blue Mix] - Babble
2. Tempted [Spooky Remix]
3. Disappear [Morales Mix] - INXS
4. Belgium [Nintendotone Mix]
5. What Would You Do [8 Minutes of Madness Mix] - DSK
6. Back to the Beat [With the Sound] - Santonio
7. I'm the One You Need [Def Dub Version, John Digweed Re-Edit] - Jody Watley
8. Cool Kids of Death [Underworld Mix] - Saint Etienne
9. Drive It Home
10. Young American Primitive? - Young American Primitive
11. Come on Boy [Larry Levan Remix]
12. Sugar Daddy - Secret Knowledge
13. Forest [Mark Saunders Mix] - The Cure






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