《纪元1701之沉睡之龙》(Anno 1701 The Sunken Dragon)原版+资料片中文版[光盘镜像]

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    游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
    制作发行Related Designs
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英文名称Anno 1701 The Sunken Dragon
游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
制作发行Related Designs

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英文名称:Anno 1701 The Sunken Dragon
游戏制作:Related Designs

*注意:使用桌面上的初始快捷方式进入游戏时,可能会提示“播放背景音乐出错”,但是这并不影响您进行游戏,如果您觉得这个提示很烦的话,您可以删除当前快捷方式,自行建立一个新的快捷方式,即可解决该问题,建立快捷方式的路径为:“你的游戏安装目录\HunKing\纪元1701 左贤王中文版.exe该提示就不会再出现“。。


操作系统: Windows® 2000 or Windows® XP
CPU: 2,2 GHz Intel Pentium 4® 或相当
内存:512 MB RAM
显卡: 64 MB with 1.1 pixel shader
硬盘空间: 3,5 GB
DVD-ROM:: 4x
声卡: DirectX® 9.0c-compatible
DirectX: Version 9.0c
网络: TCP/IP
Internet: ISDN
控制: 键盘 &鼠标

DirectX® 9.0c 并更新显卡及声卡驱动至最新。

CPU:3 GHz Intel Pentium 4® 或相当
内存: 1 GB
显卡:256 MB with 2.0 pixel shader
Internet: :Broadband

《大航海:纪元1701》不支持在Windows 95/98/ME或者NT系统中运行。



育碧(Ubisoft)公司上周末正式对外发表了《大航海:纪元1701-沉睡之龙(Anno 1701 the Sunken Dragon)》,并同步公布了游戏的最新一批图文资料。发行商启动的官方网站宣称,这款海洋模拟建设新作将于2007年10月25日正式上市

在这款最新资料片中,玩家将玩到11个全新游戏任务,并借助世界编辑器创造全新的游戏内容。此外,四个全新角色将加入游戏中成为你创建全新海洋帝国的朋友,或是敌人。游戏战役情节将包含 7 个任务,游戏流程时间为 20-30 小时。故事设定在远东地区。全新的任务、全新的建筑物以及全新的自然现象将出现在游戏中。游戏还将拥有长度超过 30 分钟的全新背景音乐。另外,游戏中还将加入全新的世界编辑器。

Anno 1701, like the other two Anno games, is a game based mainly on the economics of the settlement created by the player. The more skilled a player is at maintaining a balanced economy the more successful their settlement will be.

[edit] Gameplay
As with other Anno games, the player starts as an unarmed country which has to colonize and expand in the game world. While the player expands, other computer controlled rivals are expanding and strengthening. As the player progresses through the game, players have access to lodge activities and troops which allow them to invade and ultimately to defeat other players.

[edit] Lodge Activities
Lodge activities are accessed at the beginning of the game, although only the spy is available for use. All the other lodge activities are researched throughout the game at either a school or a university.

[edit] Foreign Cultures
There are four different foreign cultures with which the player can trade. Once the player has fraternized with one of the cultures the player can buy colonial goods, which are one of the Aristocrat's needs.

Liang Wu and his Asians are found on small islands in the north of the island world. They trade the colonial good Jade.

Poxacoatl and his Aztecs live on medium islands in the southern zone, are few in number and still believe in the infinite power of the gods. They trade the colonial goods Talismans.

Amin Sahir and his Indians have a small settlement on one of the small islands in the southern end of the island world. Their Indian Ivory is a desirable colonial good.

Tetonka and his Iroquois are situated in a dense forest on one of the smaller islands in the northern zone of the island world. The Iroquois trade furs.

Ramirez and his Pirates take refuge in expertly concealed hideouts, and due to their aggressive nature they take rich rewards from raids, therefore they can offer you all colonial goods.

[edit] Expansion

[edit] The Sunken Dragon
[show]Anno 1701: The Sunken Dragon
Developer(s) Related Designs
Publisher(s) Sunflowers
Platform(s) PC
Release date(s) October 25, 2007 - Germany
TBA 2008 - UK
Genre(s) Real-time strategy, City-Building Game
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Media DVD
Input methods Keyboard & mouse
On March 23, 2007, Sunflowers announced an add-on called "Anno 1701: The Sunken Dragon". It will also include new features, new missions and a map editor.

It will also contain some new player profiles. Profiles confirmed are:

Grace Bonnet
Diego del Torro
Finn Hallqvist
Next to this some new ornamentals will be available:

A Voliere/ Birdhouse
A Birdbath
A Fence, covered with roses
The add-on will have an Asiatic look, as well as a campaign with 11 missions centered around the new player profiles. A teaser-website is online . [1]

1701 A.D. Gold Edition Review
This bigger, better take on 1701 A.D. is most noteworthy for including the Sunken Dragon expansion.
The GoodSunken Dragon expansion adds a colorful new campaign and storyline Additional buildings and items available to dress up your settlements World editor lets you design custom maps and swap them with other players. The BadA little overpriced if you're looking for just the Sunken Dragon content Natural disasters are even more apocalyptic than before Apparent bug with some visual settings.
Finally making its way to North American shores is 1701 A.D. Gold Edition, a repackaging of the original city builder from 2006 and its Sunken Dragon expansion pack, which was originally released in Europe at the end of last year. This add-on was worth the wait, though, given that the new campaign adds swashbuckling fantasy to the nuts-and-bolts Caribbean economics of the game's previous incarnation. A lively story and characters, along with wide-ranging (if not exactly earth-shattering) mission goals, pack real personality into this revamp and make it a colorful trip back to the age of exploration.

Building a settlement takes on new urgency in the Sunken Dragon campaign, thanks to the structured missions and atmospheric objectives.

Just don't expect a reinvention of the wheel. The original game came with only a sandbox mode of play and one-off missions, so adding a campaign with a scripted story about searching for an ancient artifact called the Eye of the Dragon lends a sense of purpose to all of your city-building endeavors in the Caribbean. Nevertheless, the actual game design isn't all that different from the non-golden 1701 A.D. The basics stick pretty closely to the standard city-building formula. Gameplay revolves around the management of island colonies and the goal of leading them to prosperity. The twin bottom lines are the financial balance sheet and colonist happiness, which are satisfied by erecting houses, churches, sheep farms, schools, and the like, as well as establishing trade routes and diplomatic relations with neighbors. Economics are pretty simple to follow. You identify an island resource such as ore or gold, or set up a structure such as a cattle farm or a tobacco plantation to create a resource, and then construct the businesses that turn these raw materials into usable goods for your citizens. If you do everything just right--and remember to link all of your buildings together with the roads needed to transport goods from one location to another--you'll end up having happy citizens who love their lives in a tropical paradise. Run short on a few key items such as clothing and food, however, and you'll wind up with disgruntled thugs.

So it's just like real life. But the Sunken Dragon campaign doesn't feel all that fresh when you get beyond the Indiana Jones-in-pantaloons hunt for a MacGuffin. Mission goals are pretty been-there, done-that. Old chestnuts such as reaching a set population total, hitting economic benchmarks, and setting up a trade route are all present and accounted for, and at times the gameplay feels a little too paint-by-numbers. But with that said, it's hard to imagine how you could jazz up a city builder like this with wildly out-there objectives, considering that most of the concerns addressed here are the same ones that had to be addressed by colonists in the real 18th-century Caribbean. And at least the campaign really mixes up goals so you don't feel like you're on a treadmill, and it ladles out fantastical derring-do to give the bean-counting colony-management stuff a whiff of high adventure.

Aside from the new campaign, the other additions are fairly modest. Four new computer-player profiles seen in the campaign are also available for use in sandbox games. A handful of new buildings and other items have been tossed in for the beautification of settlements, although they don't result in changes to gameplay. These accoutrements don't even alter the look of the game all that much, unless you're a flower fan really into the new, arching rosebushes, or a bird watcher grooving on attracting parrots and doves to the new aviaries. A meteor strike has been added to the hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, and other natural disasters waiting to happen. It looks great and is suitably apocalyptic in scope, but it's so destructive that it pretty much ends your game immediately. As cool as this death-from-above disaster looks when it hits, it's not exactly welcome considering that the original game already had plenty of full-scale cataclysms that tore settlements to shreds. Having to take on yet another instant doomsday is unnecessarily frustrating. Finally, the expansion includes a new editor that lets you custom-craft maps and swap them for play online and off. It's very easy to use, and there is enough of a hardcore 1701 A.D. crowd out there (albeit mostly in Germany, from the looks of things online, so you might need to spreche das Deutsch to really get into it) that this might cause a mod community to grow around the game.

The new world editor lets you create your own Caribbean paradise.

A lot of 1701's charm is due to the attractive visuals. Caribbean islands seem like veritable slices of heaven, with lush green fields, bright sandy beaches, and rolling blue water. It even looks great when you pull the camera so far back that you're looking down on your island kingdom through clouds. Only one technical glitch messed things up. Activating certain graphics options caused a great deal of instability on our test machine, resulting in visual corruption and extreme cursor lag that made the game unplayable. Thankfully, leaving these options turned off doesn't noticeably change the quality of the visuals, and also comes with the side benefit of considerably speeding up map scrolling. The audio isn't as evocative of the tropics; everything except the perfectly cheesy voice samples seems somewhat muted. A more pounding surf would have been much appreciated.

The main drawback of 1701 A.D. Gold Edition is that buyers of the original game are stuck having to repurchase it to get the Sunken Dragon content. Nevertheless, if you liked the original game, you should enjoy the new story-driven campaign.





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《纪元1701》(Anno 1701)繁体中文克隆版


《纪元1701之沉睡之龙》(Anno 1701 The Sunken Dragon)CLONE版 (需原版镜像!)



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《美丽新世界 Anno1503》(Anno 1503 - The New World)




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