Rolf Lislevand 洛夫·里斯列凡德 -《维瓦尔第: 为曼陀林与鲁特琴的音乐》(Vivaldi: Musica per mandolino e liuto)[APE]

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专辑英文名Vivaldi: Musica per mandolino e liuto
专辑中文名维瓦尔第: 为曼陀林与鲁特琴的音乐

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Performer: Brian Feehan, Eduardo Eguez, Rolf Lislevand, Thomas C. Boysen, Thor Harald Johnsen, et al.
Composer: Antonio Vivaldi
Audio CD: March 27, 2007
Label: Naive
Catalog No.: OP 30429





As part of their Vivaldi Edition, Naïve enables the collector to explore the extensive variety of the composer’s output from the collections housed at the National University Library in Turin. Described by Naïve as “The greatest recording venture of the 21st century” they are in the process of recording by category (sacred music, opera, concerti for winds, concerti for violin, cantata, etc.) the 450 manuscripts from the Turin collection. These manuscripts are from Vivaldi's personal collection of his own, hand-written music scores; his own private library at the time of his death.

One cannot help noticing Naïve’s strategy of using glamorous young photographic models on the front covers of their Vivaldi Edition. Although totally irrelevant to the music this imaginative approach is proving to be an inspired and successful, if controversial and highly recognisable, marketing exercise. I can vouch that Naïve are using the finest possible period-instrument ensembles, eminent baroque vocal specialists and the best choral ensembles in the field of historically informed performance. On this release, Rolf Lislevand is the soloist who presides over cutting-edge interpretations, employing a talented group of specialist period-instrument performers.

Lislevand first came to my attention a few years ago with a revelatory recital of unaccompanied seventeenth century French lute music titled ‘La Belle Homicide’ on Astrée Naïve E 8880. This superb release, recorded in 2003 at Maguelone Abbey in France, won my vote as a ‘2003 Record of the Year’.

The six attractive scores on the disc follow Vivaldi’s usual three movement fast-slow-fast design. The first work is the outstanding Concerto for 2 mandolins, strings and basso continuo, RV 532 with its buoyant and vivacious opening Allegro. The central Andante contains an intimate dialogue between the mandolin soloists and the final Allegro is quite stunning being packed with incident. The Trio for violin, lute and basso continuo, RV 85 is a generally introverted score and barely decorative. The Larghetto is tender and meditative with a closing Allegro that just bursts with energy.

The Concerto for mandolin, strings and basso continuo, RV 425 is an excellent score with vigorous and rhythmic outer Allegros and an enchanting central Largo of contemplative and nocturnal quality. Throughout the Mandolin Concerto one cannot help but notice the richly written parts for the string section. In the Concerto for viola d’amore, lute, strings and basso continuo, RV 540, the unusual blend of the two solo instruments is entrancing. The tender central movement Largo is evocative of a musical interchange between two lovers. I loved the playful Allegro that closes the Double Concerto.

I found the Trio for violin, lute and basso continuo, RV 82 an impressive score. It contains two good-humoured examples of the Allegro movement placed either side of a relaxing and affectionate Larghetto lento. The final score is the Concerto for 2 violins, lute and basso continuo in D major, RV 93. The melodic and memorable outer movements consist of an exciting and spirited opening Allegro giusto with a closing Allegro high on joie de vivre. The finest of all is the central movement Largo with one of the most beautiful melodies ever played on the lute. This is a score that could certainly be regarded as one of Vivaldi’s greatest hits.

Lislevand is an outstanding baroque guitarist who commands respect from the first note to the last with stunning interpretations that are awash with colour. He is at one with the emotional and technical demands of the music and I loved the way he imparts a spiritual, almost ethereal quality to the slow movements. The accompaniment is of the highest quality and I especially enjoyed the rich and varied basso continuo.

The Naïve engineers have provided especially warm and detailed sonics. The very close sound-picture at times even captures the breathing of the soloists and the operation of the instruments but the ear soon becomes accustomed.

Lislevand displays his impeccable credentials on this superbly performed and recorded release of Vivaldi mandolin and lute works from Naïve.


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Concerto for 2 Mandolins, Strings and Basso Continuo in G, R.532
01. Allegro
02. Andante
03. Allegro

Trio Sonata for Violin, Lute and Basso Continuo in G minor, RV 85
04. Andante molto
05. Larghetto
06. Allegro

Concerto for Mandolin, Strings and Basso Continuo in C major RV425
07. Allegro
08. Largo
09. Allegro

Concerto for Viola d'Amore, Lute, Strings and Basso Continuo in D minor, RV 540
10. Allegro moderato
11. Largo
12. Allegro

Trio Sonata for Violin, Lute and Basso Continuo in C major, RV 82
13. Allegro non molto
14. Larghetto lento
15. Allegro

Chamber Concerto for 2 Violins, Lute and Basso Continuo in D major, RV 93
16. Allegro giusto
17. Largo
18. Allegro






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