Ferry Corsten -《The Very Best Of Ferry Corsten》[MP3]

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专辑英文名The Very Best Of Ferry Corsten
歌手Ferry Corsten

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发行公司:Avex Trax Japan


Ferry Corsten早期的一张精选,收录了当时以System F, Veracocha, Gouryella, Moonman, Albion等艺名创作的单曲,其中Carte Blanche,Gouryella,Out of the Blue等至今已被奉为经典.

Ferry Corsten was the driving force behind European Progressive Trance in the late 1990s and highly responsible for bringing the genre to its fullest potential. With his help, Trance music became the current most popular sound in dance music today.
Vastly influential and the official ambassador of Ministry Of Sound's widely popular "Trance Nation" compilation series, Ferry's music has touched the world under such pseudonyms as System F, Veracocha, Gouryella, Moonman, Albion, etc. He has had an immensely successful career as a professional songwriter/remixer/producer, and his many international hits sound all too familiar at any given dance club.

This CD documents the Dutch DJ's greatest hits as of 2002. The songs "Carte Blanche (feat. Vincent de Moor)", "Gouryella (feat. DJ Tiesto)", and "Out of the Blue" are some of my favorite dance songs of all time and were the tracks that inspired me into becoming a dedicated Trance DJ. Ferry has his own unique sound and it is shown in the 15 tracks featured on his "Very Best Of".

Unfortunately, it's untruthful to say this is Ferry's complete "Best Of". These are all purposefully his own songs and exclude the fact that he is a brilliant remixer, sometimes making the remix sound far better than the original. In my opinion, it would have been a wise decision to have included such Ferry remixes of William Orbit's "Barber's Adagio for Strings (which was so good it won him an award in his home country)", Electrique Boutique's massive "Revelation", Moby's "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad", Cygnus X's "The Orange Theme", Matt Darey's "Liberation", and of course Art of Trance's timeless masterpiece "Madagascar".

Is it worth it? A rare Japanese import of [half of] Ferry Corsten's best pieces of work to date? Well, despite the fact that Ferry is my absolute favorite DJ, I would advise using your money instead to go ahead and buy any of his CDs from Ministry of Sound's "Trance Nation" series. Those are double-disc imports direct from the heart of London that are not only mixed by Ferry and contain a good number of his tracks, but also include many other worthy artists.

5 stars for the "Very Best Of Ferry Corsten" even though one disc just isn't enough to showcase this guy's talent. Could I possibly rate the "Flying Dutchman" any lower?


1. Out of the Blue - System F
2. Tenshi - Gouryella
3. Carte Blanche - Veracocha
4. World - Pulp Victim
5. Dance Valley Theme 2001 - System F
6. Walhalla - Gouryella
7. Exhale - System F
8. Don't Be Afraid - Moonman
9. Connected [Extended] - Adewale Ayuba
10. Gouryella - Gouryella
11. Air [Ferry Corsten's Open Air Remix] - Albion
12. Soul on Soul - System F
13. In the Beginning Again [Ferry Corsten Remix] - Roger Goode
14. Galaxia - Moonman
15. Out of the Blue 2002 - System F






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