Kingspade -《Throw Your Spades Up 》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Throw Your Spades Up

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公司厂牌:Suburban Noize
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Kingspade首次出现在公众视野中,是以一曲《The Adventures Of This》收录在《Subnoize Rats Compilation》(2003)专辑上(注:Complimation 应该是compilation)。04年,Kottonmouth Kings第六张专辑《Fire It Up》包含了2首bonus tracks。其中一首是Kingspade的,名为《High Riders》。这首歌里声称他的专辑会在当年发行。
04年夏,Kingspade 首砖发行。专辑包含热曲《Drunk in the Club》和之前提到的那首《High Riders》。接着巡演随之而来。。。

Kingspade first debuted with the track "The Adventures Of This" on the Subnoize Rats Complimation in 2003. One year later the Kottonmouth Kings' 6th full length album Fire It Up included two bonus tracks. One of these was a new Kingspade track entitled High Riders. On this track it was announced that a Kingspade album was to be released later that year.

The summer of 2004 had come and the highly anticipated Kingspade debut album was released. This album included the hits; Drunk in the Club and the previously released High Riders. Following this release came some touring until they started to work on the next Kottonmouth Kings album. Over the next few years not much was heard from Kingspade other than a few shows here and there.

In 2005, the Kottonmouth Kings released the album Joint Venture which featured 2 new Kingspade tracks. Also included was an advertisement stating that a new Kingspade album would be released June 2006. Promotion was also brought upon with in ad included in the Kottonmouth Kings fourteenth official album, Koast II Koast stating the release to come in the late summer of 2006. This information would later be known to be false. Nothing was heard of the album or Kingspade for months until the release of Kottonmouth Kings' Hidden Stash III which include a new Kingspade track entitled "Thats How It Goes". After a few more months had gone by it was announced that Kingspade would be performing on Kottonmouth Kings' The Joint Is On Fire Tour. It was also stated that Kingspade's second release P.T.B. would be released on April 24, 2007.

Come April 24 sure enough P.T.B. was released and following its release Kingspade headlined their own tour accompanied by California-natives 1Ton and UnderRated, who make up the music group Potluck.

Kingspade has recently finished their tour and has rejoined the Kottonmouth Kings in their tour known as the StrangeNoize Tour. This tour includes Tech N9ne, Hed PE, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, SubNoize Souljaz. Special appearances include the Insane Clown Posse, Cypress Hill and Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra. The tour has been done to celebrate the Kottonmouth Kings 9th full length album known as Cloud Nine. They had 3 tours in the state of Texas, in which they got into some trouble with authorities. D-loc would not give a lot of information on this topic, but Richter said this : " Me and D was just rhymin...after the show we headed out to the cars, not knowing that police would be waiting for us. One of the girls that were at the concert had gotten hit by the falling speaker me and D were playin with.



01. Spaded Jaded And Faded
02. This That Beat
03. Whos Down
04. We Ridin
05. Drunk In Da Club
06. Who Run This
07. Neighborhood Trends
08. The Deal
09. Lifestyles
10. Down 4 Da Krown
11. Tsunami Brothers
12. Thats The Shit
13. Smokin Doja
14. Havin Fun
15. P-Town
16. Thats How It Goes
17. High Ridaz
18. Same Ol Bitches
19. Life

01. Give Me Another Beer
02. Back In The Garage Again
03. In And Out
04. South Park (Ft. Judge D)
05. I Like Scratching My Balls
06. Positive Messages
07. How Talented You Are
08. George Speaks
09. Accapella
10. U.S.A.
11. Its Working (Ft. Pakelika)
12. Myth
13. Me And Her
14. Loco And Costa






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