《DVD多媒体视频解决方案》(TMPGEnc Authoring Works v4.0.0.9 Retail)[压缩包]

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英文名TMPGEnc Authoring Works v4.0.0.9 Retail

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TMPGEnc Authoring Works 是 TMPGEnc 公司出品的一个功能非常强大的 DVD 多媒体视频解决方案。程序可以直接将 MPEG-1, MPEG-2 格式的多媒体视频文件重新压缩并编码为 DVD 多媒体视频文件,并输出为 DVD 结构的 IFO, VOB 文件,然后可以用 DVD 刻录软件刻录为 DVD 光盘。程序采用 TMPGEnc 自己的编码引擎,提供无与伦比的压缩质量和绝对一流的压缩速度。几乎支持当今世界所有前卫的压缩规范,同类软件中无人能出其右。程序内置可视化的 DVD 光盘菜单制作程序,内置数套非常漂亮的菜单模板,直接调用后只需要稍微更改一下文字,就可以制作出专业且非常漂亮的 DVD 光盘菜单,极易使用。


- 易懂易用的用户界面
- 丰富多样的菜单模板
- 菜单中兼有笔记功能
- 支持字幕流的编辑和输出输入
- 通过独有技术 SmartRendering 实现的精确到帧的剪辑功能,节省许多再编码时间(DVD/DivX)
- 转码 (Transcode) 处理整合输出数据量提高光盘使用效率 (只适用于DVD-Video)
- 支持单面双层 DVD±R 的 DVD-Video 刻录制作
- 支持 DivX ULTRA 数据输出以及在 DVD/CD 上的刻录

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from the sky we will    
    rise and we will        
    conquer as we did so      
    many times before, we    
    will show the spirit        
    of ...                
           E M B R A C E      
                      embrace proudly presents...      
                          TMPGencAuthoringWorksv4.0.0.9(c) PegaSys Inc      

  supplier.: TEAM EMBRACE    ?date.......: 26, nov 2oo8      
  cracker..: TEAM EMBRACE    ?size.......: 23 disks/5.00 MB
    tester...: TEAM EMBRACE    ?OS.........: WinAll        
    packer...: TEAM EMBRACE    ?language...: English          
                              ?type.......: Multimedia        
                             ?protection.: Custom            
                                 ?release....: Keyfilemaker + Patch  

   圮郾佰 苓  Authoring Reborn.                                     哕 郯臂苒
    郾卑槽                                                            鄄氨臂
  ? 郾佰哕   Your All-In-One Media Authoring Solution.              苓郯臂  ?
? 苓舶?                                                             郯策? ?
哕? 郯?    Whether   you're   young   or   old,   beginner   or     郯? 苘?
    哌圮?    professional,  TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 is the easy     圮圻?
      郯圻?  way  to  author  your  own  DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and   苓郯?
      郯? ? DivX  ULTRA  video.  Import most video formats, edit  ? 郯?
      郯? ? out  commercials or unwanted scenes, add spectacular  ? 郯?
      郯??  transition  effects, make your own subtitles, create   ?郯?
   苓 郯?    professional-looking menus, and much, much more.         郯?哕

   圮郾佰 苓  Generate  a  keyfile using our keyfilemaker and copy  哕 郯臂苒
    郾卑槽    the  keyfile  to  the install directory, after using    鄄氨臂
  ? 郾佰哕   the included patch ...                                 苓郯臂  ?
  哕   舶?  ??     5000 releases and still going strong!       ??  郯?  苓
   圮 郯圹 ?苒                                                  圮 ?圹佰 苒
    圹舶?圮哌                                                    哌苒 郯槽?
哕  郾佰苓                                                          哕郯臂  苓
   圮郾佰 苓 EMBRACE  has  been around since october 2000, and most 哕 郯臂苒
    郾卑槽   of  its members for much longer. We exist to serve the   鄄氨臂
  ? 郾佰哕  scene  with  quality  releases,  and to help the scene  苓郯臂  ?
? 苓舶?   maintain  some vestige of its former self.                郯策? ?
哕? 郯?                                                             郯? 苘?
    哌圮?   5000 fully working releases, and we're still dedicated    圮圻?
      郯圻? to what  we do best,  bringing u  quality keygens,  in  苓郯?
      郯? ?style! We've been around for over 6 years now,  and we ? 郯?
      郯? ?aren't planning on leaving anytime soon.               ? 郯?
      郯??                                                         ?郯?
   苓 郯?   Times have changed since we  first started doing this,    郯?哕
  ?  郯?   and so have we,  but we're still here.  It is however,    郯?  ?
  哕?郯?   time that  the scene  itself starts  embracing some of    郯?苘?
     咣苒    this change aswell,  instead of  dwelling on the past.    圮圻
      郯圻? Because of this,  we would like to ask  all our fellow  苓郯?
      郯? ?sceners to consider the following:                     ? 郯?
      郯?                                                             郯?
      郯?   STOP FLOODING OUR SITES WITH CRAP!    We have enforced    郯?
      郯?   a 1-month MU  rule on our  own releases,  and we would    郯?
      郯?   like  YOU  to follow our  lead.  Everyone is  tired of    郯?
      郯?   releasing/testing/trading  the same releases over  and    郯?
      郯?   over again, and it's up to *us*  to change this. There    郯?
      郯?   are plenty of uncracked, useful applications out there,   郯?
      郯?   begging for some attention.  So stop wasting your time    郯?
      郯?   on crap just because it updates a lot and it serves in    郯?
      郯?   boosting  the number of  releases your group does.  We    郯?
      郯?   know  that we've done  similar things in the past,  as    郯?
      郯?   most groups, but this doesnt dismiss the truth in this    郯?
      郯?   message, its never too late to change.                    郯?
      郯?                                                             郯?
      郯?   In  light of  this same issue,  we would also  like to    郯?
      郯?   encourage  everyone to  TEST  your  releases! We spend    郯?
      郯?   *a lot* of time to make sure everything we pre  WORKS,    郯?
      郯?   and so should you! Remember, *WE* ARE the SCENE and we    郯?
      郯?   SHOULD enforce some standards on ourselves!               郯?
      郯?                                                             郯?
      郯?   You don't agree?  Fine,  we'll keep doing what we feel    郯?
      郯?   is  right anyway,  and the  end-user  can continue  to    郯?
      郯?   expect quality over quantity from us.                     郯?
      郯?                                                             郯?
      郯?   As a final note,  I would like  to send out  greetings    郯?
      郯?   to all our  past and present  members for  making this    郯?
      郯?   group of ours what it is. I love you all!                 郯?
      郯?                                                             郯?
      郯?                          -(e)-                              郯?
      郯?   "once you've tried it, you'll never want anything else"   郯?
      郯?                                                             郯?
      郯?        EMBRACE does this for fun, not for profit.           郯?
      郯?                                                             郯?
                                  ?[    DISCLAIMER    ] 圹圮苘苘苘?哌哌卟膊膊? ?
  ? 哌?苘苘圹圹圹圹圹圹圹 苘苘苘苘苘苘苘苘苘苘苘苘 圹圹圹圹圹圹圹苘苘 哌? ?
    苒鄄圹圹圹圻哌哌 苘苘苘苒?                   咣苘苘苘?哌哌咣圹圹鄄圹圮
  ?  膊圹圹?苘圻哌哌                                    哌哌咣苘 苒圹鄄?  ?
    哕?? 圹 ?                                                 ?圹  ?曹?
      舶?  ??                                                 ??  郯?
      郯圹 ?苒     苒?  D  I  S  C  L  A  I  M  E  R   苒?    圮 ?圹佰
     鄄佰 圮哌       ?                                   ?      哌苒 郯槽
     郾佰苓                                                          哕郯臂
    苒卑?苓  EMBRACE,  nor its members,  can be held  responsible  哕 郯臂?
    郾卑槽    for anything they release.  If it is illegal in your    鄄氨臂
   ?郾佰哕   country (as it is in most), you  ARE NOT ALLOWED  to   苓郯臂 ?
  ?苓舶??  use it, under any circumstances. We are in the scene   ?郯策??
  哕  郯?咣  for the fun,  NOT to harm software developers.  Good  圻 郯? 苓
    哌圮??  software deserves your respect, go buy it!             ?圮圻?
    ?郯圻?                                                         苓郯??
   圹苒佰  ?                                                       ? 郯圮圹
    哌圹? ? Our  software is released "as is".  We are in no way  ? 圹圻?
苒?  郯圹?  to be blamed for anything that happens to your pc if  咣郯?
?苓 郯??  you use this.  The author here by  disclaims all the   ?郯?哕
  ?  郯? ? warranties  related to  this software,  expresed  or  ? 郯?  ?
  哕?郯??  implid, including damage to hardware/software and/or   ?郯?苘?
     咣苒     any date from the user of this product.              苒?圮圻
    ?郯圻?                                                        哕咣佰 ?
  苒  郯? ? Your use of this product  assumes that you have read  ? 郯? 圮
  圹?郯?  ?and accepted this disclaimer.                        ?  郯?苒?
   哌圹佰   ?                                                     ?  郯圹哌
   ?                SSG TMG ECLiPSE ZWT AGAiN SHOCK LND ?  

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