Arcana -《Cantar de Procella》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Cantar de Procella

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专辑风格:Ambient medieval atmospheric music


  著名的中世纪乐队,最早由Peter Bjargo创建,上面这三位其貌不扬的瑞典人就是征服了无数颗黑暗之心的Arcana。他们用庄严肃穆的歌声赞颂着死亡与逝去,宏大而又不失细腻的中世纪黑暗感已经是他们的招牌之一,也是他们成为了CMI旗下的王牌之一,几乎每张唱片都值得聆听。

  Less than a year after "Dark Age of Reason" and following a few live shows, Arcana introduce "Cantar de Procella". The now sold out 3 song MCD "Lizabeth" served as an appetizer for the album, which was finally released by June 1997. As hinted at in the songs present on "Lizabeth", "Cantar..." brought a few changes. The band lost none of the glorious and epic might of "Dark Age...", yet chose to deliver them in a more intense and bright manner, leaving it up to "The Opening of the Wound" to link both works. They adopted a less somber character, yet were still riddled with melancholy and sorrow as well as with the characteristic choirs, orchestrations and percussions of their debut, which had become even bolder this time. Monotonous and cyclic harpsichord or acoustic guitar melodies served as background for the songs to evolve and grow, and again the Dead Can Dance parallel was drawn, proving that Arcana was clearly in no way inferior to them. The duo delve deep into uplifting and enveloping moods again; magical weavings of dark and obscure nature which hold strong references to Baroque music carrying you into a fantasy world of ages past. As a whole, the album, or at least the instrumentation, tends to sound more varied and dynamic than "Dark Age of Reason" which held the same dismal mood and tone throughout the whole of its length. That is still present here, although it works in a much broader way, but its medieval and ecclesiastical essence is in my opinion much more profound and relevant. The music remains luxuriously orchestrated, although still simple in structure, yet the performances show improvement, especially the ones of Ida. The doomy, march-like pace of "Chant of the Awakening" takes you on a torturous and depressive journey that reaches "The Song of Solitude", where Ida dares to indulge in an accapela workout whose title could not be more appropriate. Now more than ever, the vocals and choirs in Arcana's pieces are used as instruments - various chants and vocal harmonies which are deprived of any lyrical content are to be found on "Cantar de Procella". "Void of Silence" sways gently and monotonously onto "Cantar de Procella", where Peter sup plies a simple harpsichord riff for Ida's vocals and additional arrangements to lay upon. The bold orchestrations and female choirs on "Aeterna Doloris" should set this as one of Arcana's most epic pieces, along with "The Opening of the Wound" and its huge choirs. "The Song of Preparation" is build around male choirs and anticipates "God of the Winds", yet another smooth and epic dirge that blossoms calmly. "The Dreams Made of Sand" and "La Salva de Profundis" use a formula similar to the title track yet with different instrumentation (a monotonous background melody from which things grows into majestic proportions) and "Gathering of the Storm" seems to transport Arcana into a more contemporary Neo-Classical musical frame with less of a Medieval aura which suits them quite well too. Finally, "The Tree Within" and its drifting strings along with Ida's soaring vocals bid you farewell in a blissful and serene manner as you return to the real world...


01. The Opening of the Wound
02. Chant of the Awakening
03. The Song of Solitude (The Cry of Isolde)
04. Void of Silence
05. Cantar de Procella
06. Aeterna Doloris
07. The Song of Preparation
08. God of the Winds
09. The Dreams Made of Sand
10. Gathering of the Storm
11. La Salva de Profundis
12. The Tree Within






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