Korn -《Follow the Leader》(跟随领队)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Follow the Leader

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发行厂牌: Sony / Epic
VeryCD发行: 典狱长 (nimo123321)
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Korn乐队是以非主流的疯克金属乐之声杀入摇滚乐坛的。顺应时代的发展,他们在金属乐的基础上掺杂了很多其它音乐的成分。电子乐是必不可少的,但他们小心而巧妙的运用使得他们并没有坠入“电子金属”的时髦。无疑,他们保留甚至加重了金属月的沉重压迫感,同时歌词中连篇的粗口也无疑从电子说唱的新新人类们中觅得灵感。这张《Follow the Leader》专辑录制于1998年,它成为美国家长们眼中的噩梦,却为青年学生们所钟爱。密歇根州Zeeland的一名学生由于穿着用该乐队标记修饰的 T恤衫而遭到休学处分,但乐队因此获得了更高的知名度,这张专辑在当时也获得了双白金的市场销量。

不要忘记自己想要什么!破坏未免极端,但你还可以自行其是。看看这个在悬崖上玩过家家的小女孩让你觉得匪夷所思吗?什么使她忽略了身处的危险?仅仅因为一个使她忘情投入的游戏,但早已被童年的纯真所遗弃的人们又怎能重拾记忆中的童趣?!别人眼中的险途,或许仅仅是你拾梦途中的丝丝点缀,充满乐趣与快感。别再瞻前顾后吧,你能活出自己的精彩!Follow the Leader!


I bought this album 2 years ago today. It was the first CD I had every bought, and even today, it is still my favorite. Most people view Korn as either: 1) Trashy music that uses vulgarity as their main approach. 2) Trendy music that sends a bad message to 'children these days' Neither of these are true.

For all of the kids that go to my school and listen to Korn and say, "This music is cool because its hard and heavy..." I just turn around and ignore them. You can't just listen and say "this is an awesome song" you have to devour their music and feel it. Don't hear it, let it touch you.

First of all, Korn is talented. With 2 guitarists and an extra string on their Ibanez guitars, Korn goes beyond that of traditional bands. Also they tune their guitars differently to make a unique sound.

Fieldy, the band's bassist, uses some of the most unique methods of playing. He uses his bass to make a clicking percussion as well as the traditional deep sounding tune. Some people confuse his 5 string bass for a set of drums. Amazing.

David, the drummer, uses unpredictable, yet balanced power drumming. He doesn't focus on just the cymbals or the lower pitched drums, but rather a medley of both to produce s vivid mental picture.

Finally, Jon Davis, this man is nothing short of amazing. His lyrics are witty and THE most effective in transferring his emotional trauma. His performance is superb, he uses both forceful yelling and monotone whisper to convey his feelings.

The five of them together have made their mark on the history of music, not just rock. They aren't a rock band, they are KORN.

The CD is in my opinion, their best effort thus far. It starts off strong with It's On - showcasing Davis's ability to show different emotions with just 2 simple words "It's on" -Freak on a leash is a classic -So is Got the life -Dead bodies everywhere is a groovy, bass blasting tantrum. -Chilidren of the Korn is great for the Rap aficianado.

-B.B.K. is a combining of genres to form a signature musical unity. -Pretty will almost make you cry, Davis is very effective -All in the family isn't the most wonderful song, but Durst can show some of his talent. -reclaim my place is deadly in its heated emotional struggle. -Justin is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful kid... also it is another mixing of genres -Seed is groovy in itself with the addition of fieldy's bass line. -Camelotosis is another Rap meets korn -My gift to you is amazing, bag pipes, opera like vocals, and instrumental applause.

Korn is unique, each one of theri songs portrays a different mood, style, and feeling... don't get caught up in the trendiness... They aren't a satanic cult or a crazy, fear provoking band (which is the image that they have). Their legacy has begun.

Experience Korn, then listen to their music.


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1. It's On
2. Freak on a Leash
3. Got the Life
4. Dead Bodies Everywhere
5. Children Of The Korn (with Ice Cube)
6. B.B.K.
7. Pretty
8. All in the Family (with Fred Durst)
9. Reclaim my Place
10. Justin
11. Seed
12. Cameltosis (with Tre Hardson)
13. My Gift to You
14. Justin
15. Seed
16. Cameltosis
17. My Gift to You






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