《众多魔术师极限花式》(Xtreme beginerZ 1)[DVDRip]

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英文名Xtreme beginerZ 1
别名Xtreme beginerZ from XCM 极端开创者

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Xtreme beginerZ from XCM 极端开创者(眾多魔术师超级花式教学)(双碟)
XCM就是Xtreme Card manipulation(极限纸牌手法)的缩写!!XCM包含了洗牌,切牌,开扇...很多的技巧!!
From beginning to end, this DVD is of such beauty, quality, and quantity that one finds themselves utterly speechless at the wealth of knowledge contained within. I am both in awe at De'vo's love and dedication of his craft and his pure and untainted talent. This DVD set is the be all/ end all of everything a struggling XCMer could ever need, and more.
There were times when watching the XB DVD that I would wait for that one move that De'vo would do that would just wow me to the point of silliness, a move that to him is so simple, yet so utterly beautiful to watch… and he tops himself over and over again.
I simply cannot describe the thoroughness of every detail that De'vo's teaching style has. At once, it allows patience to those who wish to learn step by step, while also moving at breakneck speed to those who are talented enough to follow through one sitting.
AND IT DOESN'T END WITH DE'VO! There's Jerry McBride teaching! There's Daryl Martinez and Greg Irwin! And who could pass up an HOUR LONG FANNING WORKSHOP by The Flourishman himself, Jerry Cestkowski!
And, what an Xtremely cool guy Q is! This dude is realer than real deal Holyfield! You could tell that he's from “da streetz” with just his normal mannerisms, and that he has no qualms about being himself in front of the camera! There is a rare and hidden quality of having Q's learning experience caught on camera: if there is anything that De'vo or Jerry or any other of the teachers might have missed in their explanations, Q is able to catch it and tell it in a way that any novice to XCM would be able to understand. I know that there were a few pointers that he's given me that I have noticed has helped me tremendously, and I've been practicing XCM for as long as I've been doing card magic! And I still need to practice and train!
If you want to start off your journey into card manipulation, LOOK NO FURTHER! This DVD set is the best there is currently available, and quite possibly, the best that ever will be available.
Film critic, Gene Siskel, before he passed on, once said that “there are rare times in life when one glimpses into the eye of brilliance at work, but more often than naught, it is the laymen who does not know any better that passes it by, letting it collect dust.”
You. Yes, I mean YOU.
Do no make that mistake of passing this by! GET IT NOW.
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