Army Navy -《Army Navy》(陆军海军)[MP3]

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专辑英文名Army Navy
歌手Army Navy

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Army Navy的音乐是最好的,无可挑剔地制作了上的的吉他旋律,创造了忧郁和喜悦的之间的微妙平衡。灵感,乐队希望Power Pop的fans们能从他们甜美而刺激的音乐中摸到Army Navy的味道。同时仍然保持着坚定着眼未来。

In the tradition of the Posies and Teenage Fanclub, Army Navy craft senergized, melody-driven blasts of power pop. Vocalist Justin Kennedy launched the group upon his move to Los Angeles, having left Seattle after playing alongside Ben Gibbard (the future frontman of Death Cab for Cutie) in the band Pinwheel. With the help of bassist Benjamin Gaffin and guitarist Louie Schultz, Kennedy began shopping his new material around California, eventually piquing the interest of producer Adam Lasus. The group decamped to Lasus' studio to record The Fever Zone with iconic drummer Pete Tomas (of Elvis Costello & the Attractions fame) serving as a temporary drummer. Missouri native Douglas Randall climbed aboard upon the album's completion, allowing the group to play shows alongside the Arctic Monkeys and Wolfmother in support of the record.

"Songs you need to download now! Army Navy `Saints': a splashy jangle of distorted guitars and winsomely defiant vocals--like Teenage Fanclub's Bandwagonesque all jacked up on Mountain Dew--that's the feel-good nonhit of the winter." -- SPIN "Army Navy follow in a direct line from The Zombies to Teenage Fanclub, with brief detours for The Posies, Redd Kross, My Bloody Valentine, Blur, and the like, layering heavy, distorted guitars, pounding rhythms and oh-so-sad and sweet vocal melancholy into rock and roll bliss." -- Other Music

The music of Army Navy is best described as impeccably crafted melody over blankets of guitar fuzz that create a delicate balance between melancholy and joyful resignation. For inspiration, the band looks to groups from the past like Teenage Fanclub, The Smiths, The Posies, and The Libertines while still keeping a firm eye on the future. Aided in the studio by producer Adam Lasus (whose previous credits include Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Helium, and Yo La Tengo), the band eschewed the
major label process to release its eponymous debut in the US under its own label, The Fever Zone, in the Fall 2008. With a firm lineup, an explosive live show, and a fair smattering of internet and magazine press, the band is beginning to attract a steady following in their adopted hometown of Los Angeles. They've shared the stage with such acts as The Arctic Monkeys, Wolfmother, and Teenage Fanclub, and have recorded an exclusive song to be on the soundtrack of the new Michael Cera movie Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. The band's advice to fans of indie pop everywhere can be echoed by a review in Pitchfork, which urges people to "catch a whiff of Army Navy's sweet jangle."



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01 Dark As Days
02 My Thin Sides
03 Saints
04 Slight Of Hand
05 Unresponsive Ears
06 Shakes Of Hawaii
07 Ignite
08 Pocket Boys
09 Jail Is Fine
10 In The Lime
11 Golden Pony
12 Get Right Back (Bonus Track)






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