Sing It Loud -《Come Around》[MP3]

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专辑英文名Come Around
歌手Sing It Loud

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如果你还蛮喜欢Blink-182,Busted, Mcfly......这样年轻的流行朋克乐队。
那么,你一定要听Sing it loud!
Sing it loud 是一支这是一支刚成军不久的超新鲜流行摇滚乐队!!小伙子们都来自明尼苏达州,主唱Pat Brown 和吉他手Kieren Smith是从小玩大的好朋友,后来又加入了同样来自明尼苏达的老乡们,大家在一起玩儿音乐,唱唱年轻人充满激情和快乐的生活,简单的爱情,就这样玩着,玩到了一纸Epitaph 唱片公司的合约。

以下是对乐队主唱Pat Brown 的专访

How did you and band member, Kieren Smith come up with the idea for Sing it Loud?

Kieren and I were both part of different popular bands from Minneapolis and the two of us were rivals since we were both from separate popular bands in our area. Somehow, through some weird way Kieren became my step cousin. When I found out, I thought that I should try to get along with him since he was a part of my family now. We began hanging out, and the two of us got along really well. We had also discussed that if our bands were to ever break up, we should create our own band. That's exactly what happened!

How did the two of you select the other band members?

We knew all of the other band members from playing in Minneapolis bands and simply being emerged in the music scene. Keirn and I knew that together we would work well in a band. From there, the two of us tried to pick three other people that would complete a dream team where we would work well together and get along.
I'm aware that the band members all have different backgrounds in music; can you describe what it is like working collectively on an album?

Its awesome, I love it. In my opinion, that's what makes our music so cool. Kieren and I write the bulk of our music and everyone else adds their two senses and it become something really different. Its nice to be in a band where everyone helps out and there's not just one song writer.

How would you describe your music?

I would describe our music as pop rock. I usually tell people to put The All American Rejects, Motion City Soundtrack and the Starting Line into a blender and the result in your cup is what our music sounds like.

Do you personally have anyone that influences you or your music?

We all have influences such as other bands. The most influential for our band though, has been past bands we have been a part of. Each of us were a part of a popular band in the past that became close to becoming what we wanted of them, but they just never quite got there. Being from a band that didn't work in the past has motivated each of us. We can look back at our mistakes and harder times and make better decision.

Describe how Epitaph approached you with the initial contract proposal.

We had the opportunity from a contest to open for Motion City Soundtrack in our hometown. It was only our fourth show as a band. Josh, who is Motion City Soundtrack's business oriented guy came up and told us that he thought we had a lot to offer and he wanted to help us anyway he could. Josh contacted the owner of Epitaph, and convinced him to come down and see us play. He really liked our music and he signed us after that.

What was it like working with Josh Cain of Motion City Soundtrack?

For me it was a total dream come true. Being from Minnesota, I grew up a Motion City Soundtrack nut, since it's also their hometown. It was incredible going into the studio everyday and seeing Josh there and being able to work with him. The experience was amazing. I loved it.

What is your outlook on the record industry today?

I think every year the record industry is changing so much, especially in the past two to three years. Most bands look at the change in a bad way, since bands don't sell as many records and they look at the Internet in a negative way. Our band is one that tries to take the change and run with the positive aspects it offers. I always think that it's changing for the better and that's the way it has to be looked at in order to be successful.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time, or when you are not working on music?

On tour, when I have free time my favorite thing to do is to lay down in the van and listen to my iPod by myself. I don't often have much alone time but when I do I really enjoy being by myself.

Can you tell us about any future album plans or upcoming tours?

We will be spending some time at home for the holidays. In December, we have plans to work on some writing and music just for fun. Also, there are some tour and future album plans still in the working.

In the spirit of Halloween, do you have any costume plans for the occasion?

Yes! All five of us are going to be the Banana's in Pajamas. We have full banana body suites and instead of walking out in our normal intro, we have the Banana in Pajamas song, which we will walk out too. I'm not sure how well we will be able to play in those costumes though.

Thank you so much for speaking to Lucid Media about Sing It Loud.

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01. I've Got A Feeling
02. We're Not Afraid (featuring Justin Pierre)
03. Come Around
04. Don't Save Me
05. Give It Up
06. MPLS
07. No One Can Touch Us (featuring Alex Gaskarth)
08. Marionettes
09. Over You
10. Fade Away
11. Best Beating Heart






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