Count Basic -《Bigger & Brighter》[APE]

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专辑英文名Bigger & Brighter
歌手Count Basic

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德国acid jazz,trip-h

Count Basic(请不要和Count Basie混淆)他们是一个奥地利的乐队,擅长各种R&B, trip-hop, acid jazz and smooth jazz. 乐队灵魂人物出生于1977的吉他手Peter Legat和2位女歌手Kelli Sae,Valerie Etienne。但是自从第一张专辑以后,乐队歌手的角色由Kelli Sae所代替.此为他们的第七张专辑。

It has been 13 years now that Count Basic, the brain child of Peter Legat and Kelli Sae, started to please their audiences all over the world with distinctive cosmopolitan soundscapes - although they hail from the rather small metropolis of Vienna, Austria. But maybe the new art of world music isn't about hype-fringed ethno-styles at all. For sure it’s all about the groove and how you play it. :Love & Light", the new album by Count Basic stands up to prove this point - impressive, persuasive and in a better temper than ever.

5 years have passed since the release of the last full-length-album by the almost legendary formation and not only a change of record label happened on the way.

"It's very exciting for us do a fresh start" says Peter Legat, "the change of label has boosted our motivation and pulled us away from the old tracks - so far away that we reached back to our very roots, the typical Count Basic-Sound of the nineties."

"Love & Light" is also the fifth Count Basic-album since their first LP "Life Think It Over" from 1994. When Legat, together with the premier league of acid jazz, recorded this first album in London he met Kelli Sae, a young vocalist from New York, who contributed to the very first hits of Count Basic. Since then Sae has been a regular member of the worldwilde successful group.

"I'm not quite sure about how many albums of a single artist the market can take in, especially in these supersaturated times. Maybe it's better to make oneself scarce." Legat reflects upon the long break since the last release. "But I wasn't sitting on my hands all the time. I have been teaching at the University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna, I have planned tours and always thought about the new album. We need about one and a half years for a new album, from gathering first ideas to writing songs, arrange the recordings with Kelli until the final mix."

And all the efforts taken finally paid off. "Love & Light" is totally true to vision of Peter Legat and his fellow musicians and to their intention to create an album, that would function as a whole, a work of homogenity without any fillers or lows, from the first to last minute. 13 perfect pop-songs, most of them circling around the magic 3-minute-mark, sparkling with ambition and clever arrangements.

On "Love & Light", old and soon-to-become fans will be served with the well-tried mixture of instrumental and vocal tracks - the latter always proven successful in the US. "We were very focussed, especially with all the songs featuring Kelli and she always contributed to songwriting and producing" explains Legat. The cast of the group is still the same as it has ever been and nowadays they contemplate the side of "hand-made" music a little bit more. A new aspect that can be seen as an emancipation from the meanwhile bland coffeetable-grooves that the city of Vienna often has been associated with in the past. "All the use of electronic gadgetry is a little bit dated right now" Legat straightens out "People want to see musicians on stage, playing their instruments. At every gig we played, we could feel the strong need people have for proper live-played-music. And that's what people appreciate. That's also the reason why all the musicians have been heavily involved in the making of the album, so that all aspects could be easily recreated on stage."

But either live on stage or from CD: Count Basic have just launched the Love & Light-Era, an age of contagious vitality, filled with grooves and with enough space for Pop-Music and Jazz. Rooted in Soul, Funk and R'n'B but committed to traditional song-structures, Love & Light won't be laid aside easily. It has been worth the wait. © 2008 Count Basic.com


1.All the Things
2.Call My Name
3.Ain't you had enough
8.Bigger & Brighter
9.Not enough
10.Leave it up to you
11.Make me believe again
13.See you again
14.24 bit Sushi






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