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歌手American Me

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American.Me的名字来自于92年 Edward Olmos 主演的电影 -《American.Me》。是一部讲述洛杉矶监狱的黑帮片。影片暴力凶猛,也正如American.Me的音乐一样,这是他们的第一张录音室专辑,生猛的Hardcore。吉他音色如同豁口的刀刃,每砍一下都冒血!!!推荐荷尔蒙过剩的朋友欣赏。。。

American Me is an early 90's movie starring Edward Olmos about
gang life in an LA prison. It's a very violent and emotional
movie, yet it really captures the audience. The movie was able
to be very brutal and very passionate at the same time, and we
kind of feel that it was a good parallel to our music. So says
vocalist Tony Tataje in description of where their band name
comes from. He references a similar sentiment when discussing
their debut album Heat, due out on Rise on Feb 19th. "We sort of
use the gangster theme on the album, and it reflected both in
the music and the art design, which has images of bullets and
guns. We're all pretty angry about a lot of things that are
going on in the world, and in our personal lives as well, and
it's reflected in the lyrics. For example, the song Anfal
Campaign, which was an invasion that Saddam Hussein did to the
Curds, for us is a metaphor that refers to some previous
relationships. Those involved came in and invaded our lives, and
then messed them all up. As you can see, the album process was
pretty cathartic for us. The album was recorded and produced at
Interlace Audio with Kris Crummet (Fear Before the March of
Flames, Kaddisfly, Drop Dead Gorgeous, It Prevails), and was a
very positive experience for the band, tells Tony. Kris was
really open-minded to all of our crazy recording ideas. For
example, we tuned to A, which is one of the lowest, darkest,
angriest tones, for the whole record, and he was really
supportive of something as unusual as that. He really helped us
achieve our goal: to sound as big and loud and as pissed off as
possible without using a ton of fake tones from processors. We
want it to really create a booming impact upon the listener and
still sound raw and real. American Me has been making that
impact on tour over the past few weeks, just finishing up their
first official US run on the Rise Records showcase tour. The
band has done a significant amount of touring, and has shared
the stage with a wide array of successful acts including Parkway
Drive, Warriors, Misery Signals, Acacia Strain, Remembering
Never, Emmure, and many more. The Portland, OR based American Me
formed as a side project of It Prevails over two years ago, and
ended up splitting up to make it a full time thing, something a
bit heavier. Known for their sonically induced form of
devastating music, they draw their inspiration from all aspects
of their lives - everything from social values to personal
issues to the regular 9 to 5 person experience.


1. Attribute of the Strong
2. Black Malicious Lie
3. Columbian Neck Tie
4. Anfal Campaign
5. Krystal Clear
6. Said Nothing, Began Firing
7. Grace Period
8. Son of a Machine Gun
9. Flybag
10. Finish 'Em All






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