Antony And The Johnsons -《I Am A Bird Now》[APE]

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专辑英文名I Am A Bird Now

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唱片公司:Secretly Canadian
音乐风格:Indie / Folk / Alternative


Antony and the Johnsons在2005年发行的I am a Bird Now是以这一帧黑白色的照片作封的。单色的影像里的人依然艳美如花,如果你从未见过这幅照片,一定会讶异于赤裸的真实。那倦色慵卧的是Candy Darling, Andy Warhol 自产的一系列影片所推出的重角“女”伶。是的,那引号间带出的是并不真实的性别,上帝把她放到这个世界上的时候是唤她作James ("Jimmy") Lawrence Slattery的。其后种种我们无法去评说,但是从一些照片和电影中目见她女性的柔美曾使我频频自叹弗如。偏这个人,或者她生错了轮回,本来就该有了女儿身。她在29岁上死去,照片中的Candy Darling正在死床上吐出纳进她短暂人生里倒数可及的气息。身后白色的花朵洒出了月色的静美,不管她这一生是怎样的混乱和狼狈不堪,原谅她,让她安静地死去。

Candy Darling在1974年3月死去,殁于与大量激素注射有关的白血病。死前她写下。

By the time you read this I will be gone. Unfortunately before my death I had no desire left for life. Even with all my friends and my career on the ung I felt too empty to go on in this unreal existence. I am just so bored by everything. You might say bored to death. It may sound ridiculous but is true. I have arranged my own funeral arrangements with a guest list and it is paid for. I would like to say goodbye to Jackie Curtis, I think you''re fabulous. Holly, Sam Green a true friend and noble person, Ron Link I''ll never forget you, Andy Warhol what can I say, Paul Morrissey, Lennie you know I loved you, Andy you too, Jeremiah don''t take it too badly just remember what a ***** I was, Geraldine I guess you saw it coming. Richard Turley & Richard Golub I know I could''ve been a star but I decided I didn''t want it. Manuel, I''m better off now. Terry I love you. Susan I am sorry, did you know I couldn''t last I always knew it. I wish I could meet you all again.

Goodbye for Now
Love Always

Candy Darling

Antony and the Johnsons是一支纽约乐队,主唱Antony Hegarty似乎也是与Candy Darling一样性别迷失的人,但是他那一把嗓音却让男的女的都嫉妒不已。I am a Bird Now是他的第二张专辑,第一张专辑的封面上他一副雌雄同体的装扮让人不敢恭维。但是他的两张专辑都颇受业界好评,I am a Bird Now 在Pitchfork 评分8.6。和他的第一张专辑一样,他继续诉说着身份不明的哀婉与困扰。

在这第一曲Hope there''s someone里他唱到:

Hope there''s someone
who''ll take care of me
When I die, will I go?

Hope there''s someone
who''ll set my heart free


一位留著长髮、有著橄欖球员身材的黑衣男子,走上了英国水星音乐奖的颁奖台,他用阴柔声音略带羞怯的说著得奖感言,在钢琴、大提琴和小提琴声之下唱著他的歌,他是Antony Hegarty,壮硕的身躯里却藏著一个柔软敏感的心,他的乐团Antony and the Johnsons是今年水星音乐奖(Mercury Music Prize)的黑马,打败了包括了Coldplay、Kaiser Chiefs、Bloc Party、The Magic Numbers等一乾在英国比他知名无数倍的超级名团和爆红新团,拿到了最大奖The Best British Album!

数个月前在逛唱片行的时候,被一张唱片封面吸引,黑白照片里一个女人躺在床上望著镜头,白色的床单上有一枝玫瑰花。后来我在Napster上听了这张专辑,实在是惊为天人,在单纯的钢琴编曲之下,这个男人的声音是如此浑厚圆润、千迴百转,彷彿雌雄同体的他如泣如诉的唱著一首又一首的歌,这张专辑便是 Antony and the Johnsons今年二月在英国发行的新专辑《I am a bird now》,里头还找来了Boy George、Lou Reed合唱,创作歌手Rufus Wainwright也在来演唱一曲;这张专辑里每一首歌都是那么深刻动人,钢琴加上绵长悠扬的弦乐更突显Hegarty那令人心碎断肠的嗓音,在今年一片辛辣重口味的西洋乐坛,Antony and the Johnsons是独树一格的难得佳作,难怪会受到水星音乐奖评审的青睞,然而Hegarty得奖却搞得英国传媒争议四起,因为34岁的Hegarty虽然拿的是英国护照,却在美国生活了二十年,连BBC都略带讽刺的说,今年的水星音乐奖得主是个说著美国腔英文的傢伙,让突然必须面对大批媒体询问得奖感言的Hegarty,不但必须适应此起彼落的闪光灯、还得到处解释他是英国人的这件事情。英国人看不起美国人的文化浅薄是不争的事实,不过,对於一张真正感动人心的专辑,还是回归音乐本质吧!

每个人心底深处都藏著一个伤口,顺著Antony and the Johnsons微微颤抖的声音,你会发现他的歌就像是细细的铁丝,轻轻的勾起挑动心底的那个破洞,然后,如虫子囓咬一般的细细痛处开始蔓延….。

The definition of androgynous is -- "...not clearly male or female", and this description can also be applied to music, although it may sound feminine or masculine, it's the listener who gives it it's gender. Perhaps I should say music is sexless, but sexy. That can be said about most music, especially the strangely compelling new work, I Am A Bird Now (secretly canadian), by Antony and the Johnsons. Antony does possess an androgynous look which is played up by make-up and clothing, he also possesses a startling voice; one which sweeps and swoops with his at-times-theatrical music. The vocals waver and tremble, as if on the edge of tears -- his prononced vibrato may claim comparisions to Bryan Ferry, although Antony's voice is much more open and raw; and yes there is an androgynous aspect, without knowing the artist you may wonder if it is a man or a woman. Although he does not own an instrument as transcendentally crystalline as Jeff Buckley's, he can at times produce in the listener the same response. Both artist's voices being blessed with the power to translate the emotion of the lyric into an emotion in the listener.

Ten tracks strong, I Am A Bird Now, is justly titled as Antony warbles like a wounded songbird on the opener, "Hope There's Someone". In fact he comes across like a rare beautiful bird on all ten -- that brightly coloured, sleekly feathered, just out of reach creature, sending it's sadly burnished song into the open sky. Songs that standout include "My Lady Story", (one of several that touch on gender identification) coloured blue by flute and simple, but elegant, backing vocal work; "Fistfull of Love", boasting a Lou Reed spoken-word intro, blossoms into a gospel meltdown with horn punches and stand up and testify emotion. Closing the disc is "Bird Guhl", the most beautiful number on the album. A powerful melody that matches the passion of Antony's lyric, "Cause I'm a Bird Guhl (pronounced Bird Girl)/ and the Bird Guhls go to heaven/ cause I'm a Bird Guhl /and the Bird Guhls can fly". It would be easy for many of these songs to be overdone, to be dressed up in sickly sweet strings and over wrought emotion; luckily Antony's taste matches his talent.

There is a spiritual element to the sound of Antony's music -- music which worships piano cabaret ballads, string laden chamber pop, and gospel-fired soul -- gospel heard in a church that will soon find new parishioners, I am sure.

He is a bird now... it's hard to imagine him as anything else.




01. Hope There's Someone
02. My Lady Story
03. For Today I Am A Bouy
04. Man Is The Baby
05. You Are My Sister
06. What Can I Do?
07. Fistful Of Love
08. Spiralling
09. Free At Last
10. Bird Gurhl






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