Emilia -《Små Ord Av Kärlek》(Små Ord Av Kärlek)[MP3]

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专辑英文名Små Ord Av Kärlek
专辑中文名Små Ord Av Kärlek

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厂牌: Bonnier Sweden
流派: Pop
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Var Minut是Emilia六年多来首支瑞典语单曲。这首由Sören Poppe这首由和Emilia(28岁(2006年时))创作的歌曲美丽的表现了作为女人和艺术家的Emilia:更加成熟,却从来没有失去年轻而热情的心。在音乐,生活和爱情富有经验。更加自信,但声音仍然是标志性的沙哑脆弱。

也许Big Big World时代的Emilia只是一个18岁的小女孩,也许不懂更多的爱。而这张全瑞典语专辑的发布,那“Big big girl”的时代成为过去。现在,当你听这张专辑,你会发现很多源自音乐和她自己的生活的变化。

”Var Minut" is composed by Danish writer Sören Poppe, who Emilia met through her contacts in the music industry in Copenhagen. She says: "He just felt he had the perfect song for me, nothing less, and insisted on meeting me! And we just immediately "clicked" - he is just so nice and charming, but at the same time super professional. And he understands exactly where I am in my life right now, both musically and lyric-wise, and has gone through some of the exact same crises in his lovelife, as I have in mine".

Today, if you listen carefully to "Var Minut", you will notice that a lot of things have changed rather dramatically in both Emilia's music - and in her life - since her more uncomplicated teenage years. "Var Minut" is not about the pain you feel when you break up - but when you actually stay together! After the love has grown cold - in a longer relationship. As (normally) only quite grown up people will have experienced. Emilia says: "I hope people will not only listen to the chorus, and think that this is just another song about missing your boyfriend, when he or she is not there. Because the whole point of the song is, that you can miss your partner and the things you had together - and you can feel lonely - actually while your partner is still there! Right next to you! At least, that is what it means to me.. And what I unfortunately have experienced myself.. You know, to be together for years, to live together, think that you are going to build a life and maybe a family together, and then, after a while, beginning to realise that you have nothing left to say to eachother, that there is no love left, that all you have left to dream about, is how it USED to be. Knowing that it will never be that way again. But of course you can also experience exactly the same feeling in a shorter relationship.. But the longer you have known eachother, the more tragic and serious this emptiness of course becomes..".

Like "Var Minut", the rest of the album will also consist of songs played almost entirely by "real" musicians. Which for Emilia was an absolute "must" for this album. And, unfortunately, quite a new experience in her professional life. Emilia says: "In the Big Big World days, I was often only called in very late in the process to do the vocals on a programmed track - and many people didn't really care about the lyrics I had written. I could have sung almost anything. This time around, I have made sure to be part of the whole process and has demanded that we use real guitars, real string sections, real big choirs etc. And apart from the strings on the album, that was recorded in Gothenburg and Copenhagen, I think, I have been part of the whole recording process in the studio.(emiliamusic.nu)


1. Var Minut
2. Du Är
3. En Sång Om Kärleken
4. Det Är Inte Det du Säger
5. Säg du Är Säker
6. Inget Svar
7. Lär Mig Att Älska
8. Ord Som Bara du Får Höra
9. Sommardag
10. Jag Ser Det Klart
11. Fotspår I Snön
12. Små Ord Av Kärlek
13. Var Minut (Radio Version)
14. Det Är Inte Det du Säger (Remix)






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