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歌手Weird Al

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Probably the least played of the entire Weird Al collection I would imagine because the main songs dated very fast. Jurassic Park (parody of Macarthur Park) is pretty good but once the fan fare for that movie died out so did the fan fare for this song. It's a great song though. Achy Breaky Song (parody of Achy Breaky Heart) is another great song which is about someone so sick of that song (like we all were) who lists other bad artists he would rather here than that song. It is again a sensational song but since no one remembers or more accurately wants to remember the original it isn't played that much.

There are some classic parodies on here. Bedrock Anthem a parody of two Red Hot Chilli Peppers songs (Under the Bridge & Give it Away) is still one of the more popular songs amongst "Weird Al" fans today. Obviously it is about the Flintstones and Al is singing as Fred Flintstone. Livin' in the Fridge (parody of Livin' On the Edge) is pretty good and is about food that never gets thrown out by roommates and comes alive. It is pretty close to Aerosmith's original sound.

The original songs on here aren't classics but are worth listening to. Young Dumb and Ugly is about some teenagers who think they are cool but are not and the stupid things they do. Frank's 2000" TV is about a guy named frank who has bought a huge TV set. It's not that great. Traffic Jam isn't a parody but is extremely close to one. Prince or whatever he is called these days won't let Weird Al do parodies of his songs but this one sounds pretty close to one of them. It is a sensational song about obviously being caught in traffic jams. Talk Soup is about those stupid mid day American talk shows and the people who go on them. Pretty funny. She Never Told Me She Was a Mime is about a guy who wondered why his girlfriend was so quiet and finds out it is because she is a mime. Not the best song in the world. Harvey the Wonder hamster is an extremely short 21 second song about a hamster's life, short but good. Waffle King is about a guy who sells waffles, just another food song. Bohemian Polka is the first full length polka song "Weird Al" had done, as usually the polka song on the album consists of the main songs of the time. If you didn't like Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (the song from Wayne's World) then you will like this. If you did then you will also like this.

This is not "Weird Al's best album but it has enough good songs to make it a worthwhile purchase.

1. Jurassic Park
2. Young, Dumb and Ugly
3. Bedrock Anthem
4. Frank's 2000" TV
5. Achy Breaky Song
6. Traffic Jam
7. Talk Soup
8. Livin' in the Fridge
9. She Never Told Me She Was a Mime
10. Harvey the Wonder Hamster
11. Waffle King
12. Bohemian Polka







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