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专辑中文名Stone Tower
版本CUE tagged within

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音乐厂牌:Dossier (DCD 9024)
音乐类型:Electronic, Dark Ambient, Tribal


Delerium乐队是由Rhys Fulber,Bill Leeb组成的。这支乐队采集了世界上最不寻常的声音作为其音乐的核心(例如在加拿大的范库弗峰寻找灵感),并用它们来制作音乐的采样,分析模仿成为Bass乐谱等等。乐队虽然以这种世界化的曲风不断完善着自己的创作,但是最终他们没有成为一支世界音乐乐队,而是成为了一支风格偏向氛围化的电子乐队。

就Delerium的音乐本身来看,他们更加偏向于由Ibiza的Cafe del Mar倡导的Chill Out风格。只是由于乐队成员先前的摇滚经历使得他们在把握情绪上增加了一些更能够让人找到冲动的理由和途径。他们的Bass Line一般都会铺得比较厚实,而且键盘的程序也会做得更重,从节奏上把握住缓拍中最深沉的部分使得人们轻易进入他们的氛围环境。

他们区别于其他Chill Out乐队最明显的地方就是融合了大量的民族音乐元素。而在融合民族元素的电子音乐之中,更多的体现是在Lounge风格之中。Lounge音乐更多地是表现一种室内的舒适感,而Delurium的音乐则大不相同,强调表现宏大的自然景象。同样,Delerium明确地把自己的路拓宽到DJ方向,类似Paul Oakenfold,Tiesto等大牌DJ及舞曲制作人都乐于对 Delerium的作品进行Remix。

After starting off dark and gothic sounding on the first 2 discs, Delerium started adding tribal and soundtrack elements on "Syrophenikan" and "Spiritual Archives." Well, it seems afterwards, Bill and Rhys wanted to do just one more dark piece, and "Stone Tower" was the result. However, the disc leads me to believe that the intent on this album was to make the creepiest album they could. Retaining the dark moodiness that Delerium was noted for, "Stone Tower" also resounds with a strong thematic/horror atmosphere/soundtrack feel to it.

Lost Passion (8:30)
The album starts off wonderfully with this track. Starting with a trademark low-end drone, layers add on in slow progression. A slight tribal rhythm echoes in the background, and beautiful light vocal samples and bell chords chime in the background. The song pauses in the middle, and then breaks out into a mid-paced marching beat, with more chords fluttering around the back beat. Clacks and other bass hits round out this wonderful opener.

Bleeding (8:00)
This is an interesting track. Not bad, not in the least,but it seems rather out of place on this album. Sounds more like an extremely dark FLA instrumental, as the electronics in this are much more profound and noticeable (by that I mean all synthetic noises, unlike the tribal rhythm above). A sweeping screech noise flutters through this, as a heavy rhythmic bass-line and beat churn along with random horror and orchestral sounds. Sounds very much like a procession, but the beat and bass are more industrial than ambient, so this song feels out of place.

Stone Tower (4:50)
Return to the movie quality sound in this track. Sinister drones and whispering chimes build this piece up to a high atmosphere. Then, another very tribal marching beat fades in from the darkness, before fading back again. Nothing groundbreaking, but it does sound very much like an intro to a movie.

Aftermath II (7:00)
This track once again has a very noticeable FLA feel to it, but the atmospheres added on to the melody help distinguish it as a Delerium track. Starting with some background textures, a cool slow Rhys chord-line starts, complemented by an evil Leeb bass-line and beat, using that trademark early-Delerium drum kit. More textures layer on and on in the form of wind like sounds and strings (including a string-solo of sorts). As mentioned before, could easily fit into FLA territory, but the atmosphere is entirely Delerium. Oh and nothing like the first Aftermath song from "Spiritual Archives" at all.

Tundra (8:55)
Long track that is my personal favorite. Frightening wind and crashing sounds open, and slowly segue to a beat/bass/noise texture, that carries through the whole track. A simple bass line jabs in with distant bells and other little noises and sweeping sounds. Then, amidst all the chaos (slow chaos though), an ultra-dark string-line appears to carry the track through more noise collages. Good stuff.

Spirit (5:21)
A distant pulsing drone opens this eerie track. Mostly a strings/textures collage, very distant crashes and rumblings echo in the background while a haunting string line laces over all the evil noise. Rather simple, but eerily effective.

Red Hill (6:19)
A somewhat muted horror movie sample of people in fear and an evil laugh open up this track, that is very reminiscent of even earlier FLA work (like Total Terror stuff). A high pitched scream echoes occasionally above some very atmospheric strings low pianos, and cascading chimes. A very Rhys dominated track, very soundtrack-ish. No drums or tribal sounds either, starting a trend for the 2nd half of this album.

Sphere (5:53)
More sinister echoes in this track than all others. A nice wispy string-line in the background carries this track, amidst another low drone, heavy but distant "boom-like" crashing sounds, and even more Total Terror type noises (what, did they find that kit again?). After about 4 minutes or so, a fluttering bass synth cuts through the noise and ends this track. The title is oddly prophetic, as it does retain a feel of the "Spheres" albums.

Relics (5:10)
Similar to the above atmospheric pieces, this track is standout alone for the loud, echoey, and sometimes annoying female vocals running through it. Sounds like a tribal chant, but the woman literally screams sometimes, and can be distracting. Textures abound, and a (sampled?) piano line floats around in the back, but there's not much to note about this track. Also akin to "Spheres."

Bonus Cleopatra Track: Embryo (4:19)
Nothing too special here, better bonuses on the other albums, as this is just a bunch of harsh noises and textures, atop another classic drone. I suppose to illustrate the insides of the womb? Who knows...?

Other notes: Seems to have been originally intended to be a sort of EP (even the original release lists the last 3 tracks as "Extras"), I suppose Dossier wanted a full length instead. Interesting as the couple of more "industrialized" tracks on here fit in with the ones on the "Euphoric" EP...hmmmmm....They should have mixed in the atmospheric tracks with the More rhythmic tracks better, a better mix up would even the album out more. Also (and as a designer I have to say this. The original art is atrocious (cover is kinda cool tho, but lord look on the inside), but the newer art is much better, and cleaner too. Funny as how they were both by Leeb's wife anyway. I've always felt her design was cool except for at least one glaring oversight in it...*ahem* missing track titles anyone????

Final analysis: Pretty damn good. The whole thing has a very noticeable thematic quality to it, and you can get into quite a mood listening to it. A few tracks are kind of plain, but when the good is good, its great. Best tracks: "Lost Passion", "Aftermath" and "Tundra." Good soundtrack, if it were so. -----Reviewed by Douglas Sudia

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thanks to a-one for releasing this album


01. Lost Passion
02. Bleeding
03. Stone Tower
04. Aftermath
04. Tundra
06. Spirit
07. Red Hill
08. Sphere
09. Relics






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