Ghostface Killah -《The Wallabee Champ》[MP3]

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专辑中文名The Wallabee Champ

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生长於纽约史丹顿岛、出身自嘻哈重要门派Wu-Tang Clan的Ghostface Killah/鬼脸煞星,堪称饶舌乐界最勇於衝锋陷阵的猛将之一!在这个有人以半调子功力招摇撞骗、靠抄袭模仿出头的娱乐圈,Ghostface Killah的原创性、以及把玩文字与节奏的高超技巧,在他先前的作品中已经展露无遗。儘管嘻哈乐坛后浪不断来袭,Ghostface Killah已经成功屹立超过十个年头,依然是备受敬重和肯定的创作高手。

Tony Starks, Ironman, Ghost Deini, Pretty Toney, Wally Champ, GFK, Starky Love, Dennis Coles: whatever you call Ghostface Killah he is one of the most supreme talents to pick up a mic, ever. In a world of disposable talent, one of the things that sets Ghost apart and allows him to tower above the rest, consistency. As a member of the Hip Hop collective Wu-Tang Clan, he takes his name from the main villain in the film "Ninja Checkmate" (aka "The Mystery of Chess Boxing"). After Wu-Tang Clan achieved breakthrough commercial success in the early 90s, Ghostface, like his clan-mates, began a solo career. His turned out to be one of the most critically and commercially successful solo careers of all the group members. Early in his career, he would wear a mask during performances and photo shoots. It was rumored this was because Ghostface was wanted by the police and that he would not publicly remove it until his name was cleared. Since his debut on the opening verse of "Bring da Ruckus", the first track from the Wu-Tang Clan's critically acclaimed debut, 1993's "Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)", Ghostface has made little effort to appeal to anyone outside of his loyal New York street fan base, yet he continues to achieve surprising commercial success. His latest, The Wallabee Champ , is a collection of rarities and non-album cuts that span Ghost's entire career. Full of raw beats and flowing rhymes, the CD features guest rappers including The Wu-Tang Clan, some of his boys from Theodore Unit including Shawn Wigs and Trife Da God, and a top shelf Rap names Jadakiss, Lil Wayne, Prodigy, Beanie Siegel, Styles P and last but certainly not least, Fat Joe. This comp will be enjoyed by anyone that likes good Hip Hop music. Ghostface Killah "The Wallabee Champ"... an album not to be missed!


01. Intro
02. Wallabee Champ
03. ABC
04. Roosevelts (Raekwon And Trife)
05. Watch Your Mouth (Wu-tang Clan)
06. Tony Siegel (Beanie Siegel)
07. Trials Of Life (Prodigy)
08. Hidden Darts [Remix]
09. The Rich (Raekwon)
10. We Dem N****z
11. Run [Remix] (Jadakiss, Lil Wayne)
12. Good Times [Part 2]
13. Charlie Brown [Remix]
14. Clips
15. Clientele (Raekwon, Fat Joe)
16. Crockett & Tubbs (Raekwon)
17. 93 Freestyle (Method Man)






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