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专辑中文名Theodor Bastard

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这是一支来自俄罗斯的电子歌特乐队,乐队成立于1996年,属于实验音乐。从1999年初的几个老熟人的"神秘实验者" ,成为永久乐队成员,乐团名字改为 Theodor Bastard。”pustota“ 是该乐队的第6张专辑,我也是在youtube看视频的时候偶尔看到这个乐队的mtv的,从mtv上还能看出乐队的思想含在音乐内。 缓慢而带略带悲伤声音,混合着略带宗教音乐的伴奏。乐队使用现代的音乐手法,加入民族的音乐在内。

The band's life started in 1996, when the first humming, clashing and boiling sounds appeared in the computer of one "professional experimental music profanator" called Fedor Svoloch. The first records were marked by a truly inhumane attitude to sound and harmony, biting mockery at all styles and trends. Kitsch pop and noise ambient, analog experiments and microwave - nothing escaped his taunts. From the beginning of 1999 a few old acquaintances of the "mysterious experimenter" became permanent band members, changing the project's name to Theodor Bastard.
The band's live gigs five years ago were noise performances conveying the ideas of alienation, dehumanization of conscience, mechanization of the environment.
Coloured lamps dazzled listeners and drove them into the state of trance. Band members appeared on the stage in anti-gas masks and ingenious gadgets that looked like helmets of "universal soldiers". Mournful tunes flowed over sounds of breathing, occasionally consumed by guitar noise.
In the beginning of 2001 the first live record, "Live in Heaven" was made in the Gallery of Experimental Sound with Yana Veva's vocals, which was quite fed up with playing guitar and clay whistle-toy.

Then the band started its cooperation with American label "Invisible records", taking part in the tribute to Pigface "From Russia with love". By the beginning of 2002 the style of THEODOR BASTARD started to crystallize gradually, previously balancing on the edge of acid gospel/world music/trip-hop. Harsh noises yielded to European gothic music and ethnical music of Oriental countries. That was the time when "Live in Heaven", the live album of the band, was finally produced. After that the band started to prepare for the record of their new album "Pustota".
Studio work was advancing at an extremely slow pace, and it sometimes took several months to record a single song. At the same time the band continued to play live at various festivals and cooperated with other collectives (Volga, Spies Boys, Ole Lukkoe). In 2002 a real puzzle for listeners was produced at Species Of Fishes/Planktone label - a braintwisting voiceless album "BossaNova_Trip", in no way correlated to the true sound of the band.

By the end of 2003 after an improvised tour over Belgium the band finally completed its work over the recording of the album and sent demos to many European and American labels. The reaction was unexpectedly active - quite many proposals were received. In January 2004, after long talks and discussions, the musicians decided to choose the German label "Pandaimonium" in Europe and two Mexican labels "Art Records" and "Noise Kontrol" that combined their efforts to produce this album in America.(请勿用于商业用途,如果喜欢该作品,请购买正版,小水管供源,请见谅,大家下完后,请多做段时间的源,谢谢)


本专集来自网络 感谢原发布者RMT-Russia 感谢音乐原作者 该音乐版权属于原作者


01. Pustota
02. Sadanah
03. Isolation
04. Alteya
05. Zima
06. Satori Aisha
07. Dogma
08. Satellite
09. Selva
10. Pustota (V. 2.0)






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