'N Sync(超级男孩) -《圣诞之屋》(Home For Christmas)[MP3!]

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专辑英文名Home For Christmas

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继首张同名专辑之后,'N SYNC推出组合的首张圣诞专辑.虽然98年一年之内,他们共发行了三张专辑,但专辑销量一直没有突破.在美国也一直被人们认为是BACKSTREET BOYS的模仿者.直到专投JIVE公司旗下,与BACKSTREET BOYS成为同门师兄后,推出的首张专辑大获成功,从此奠定了他们国际一线男孩组合的地位.这张是他们的早期作品,其中有很多不尽如人意,保留着他们当年不成熟的一面,但恰逢圣诞时节,拿出来应景,也是相当不错的选择.下面是他们在专辑中的留言:

First Off, I would like to Recognize And thank the Reaso for this wounderful holiday...Christ...HappyBirthday!Also,I would like to thank all of my familu for their undying love and support,all of my friends for keeping in touch with me.I hope you guys get what you want this year.To all of the writers and producers who helped us lace this album so quick and so phat.Our management team;WEG for your outstanding guard work this year...Especially,Johnny Wrihgt(the Man),Lou Pearlman and all the team at Trans Continental Records,Entertainment and Strdios.All of our fellow artists at Trans Con(sencond to none),and all the people who have Contributed to `N Sync's success so fay.I can't thank you enouth.To our fans:I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.Let's not forget the real reason for this celebration.God bless!

First of all,I wold like to thank God for blessing me with the opportynity to continye in success with `N Sync.I also want to thank Lou.Johnny and all my friends and family for allof their love and support.Thank you to all of the fans for staying true to us over the years.Have ahappy holiday season and God Bless!

The spirit of Christmas has always been one of giving.Therefore,I would like to reflect on why albums like this come along.It is come along.It is about the joy that music spreads at this time of year.The birth of Christ has created a fellowship among all types of people. Though not everyone is Christain,all people are affected by the spirit and harmony of the holidays. I would like to thank God for giving us a son.We are trulu blessed with the Miracle of jesus.I'd liketo gibe thanks to family and friends for all their love and support.I would like th send blessings to all my management team.WEG,RCA Records,all the writers and producers,and my Trans Con family for all their wisdom and guidance.Last but certainly not least,the listener.I hope this album brings you as much jou to listen to as it did for us to make it.Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
P.S:I didn't leave any names our believe me I was thinking of you when I wrote this and you know who you are.

Before I thank anyone I would like to say Happy Holidays!!!I am happy we could send the jou of the holidays to people through our music.I would like to thanks God,of course,for bringing me and the guys into the world!My parents,bro,sis and the rest of the Fatonoe Clan,all the producers.WEG Management,Trans Continental Companies,Raven Knite Productions,all friends and their families and to all of our fans,thanks for making the end of our year a great one and keep on going strong in the new year.Thanks a bunch and much love.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the special people in my life who have made this Christmas album possible.To my parents and sister I say thanks for all the wonderful Christmas memories we have shared together and I look forward to many more.Merry christmas to the rest of my wonderful family and friends in Mississippi,and to all my new friends across America and the world.A special thanks and best wishes to our management team,RCA Records,and Rtans Continental Records for you dedication to`N Sync.As we celebrate our Savior`s birth this season,I wish our fans much peace and happiness.


01:Home for christmas
02:Under my tree
03:I nerver know the meaning of christmas
04:Merry christmas happy holidays
05:The christmas song
06:I guess it's christmas time
07:All I want it you this christmas
08:The frist noei
09:In love on christmas
10:It's christmas
11:O Holy night
12:Lore's in our hea'ts on christmas
13:The only gift
14:Kiss me midninght







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