《酒店服务英语急用句 (mp3)》(Instant service english for hotel servers)

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中文名酒店服务英语急用句 (mp3)
英文名Instant service english for hotel servers

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section 1

01客房预订 making a reservation.

1 i need to make a resevation for this weekend.

2 do you have any room available for friday.

3 i need a room for Thursday .

4 i need to see if you have a room available for the night?

5 i'd like to reserve a room in your hotel.

6 i'd like to reserve two rooms for my friends.

7 is there a room available tonight?

8 do i pay in advance?

9 that's fine . i'll take it.

10 do you have a room?

11 i want to stay for 2 days.

12 i like to stay here for 3 nights.

section 1 - 02

1 can i help you?

2 may i help you?

3 what can i do for you?

4 ROOM RESERVATIONS(客房预订部), May I help you?

5 certainly.

6 may i have your name?

7 may i have your phone number?

8 may i have your name and your initials?

9 how do you spell it?

10 We'll be expecting you next Tuesday.

12 we are glad to accept your booking.

13 thank you for calling us.

section1- 03 询问日期及人数

1 from which date?

2 at what time will you arrive?

3 what time will you be arriving?

4 from which date and for how many nights?

5 are you with a company?

6 how long do you intend to stay?

7 for how many nights?

8 how many guests will there be in your party?

9 which date will there be?

11 how many people are there in your party?

12 one moment please, sir. yes, we can confirm 10 double rooms for 34 days.


1 which kind of room would you prefer?

2 what kind of room do you want?

4 with bath or without?

5 would you like a closed circuit(闭路电视) TV in the room?

6 i'm afraid we have no triple rooms, but we can put an extra bed into one of our double room. would that suit you?

7 if this is not possible , would you mind a joining room instead?

8 we have double rooms at 100 dollors and 150 dollors, which would you prefer?

9 the room is very sunny and comfortable.

section1-05 对房间的要求

1 i want a quiet room.

2 do you have an inexpensive room?

3 do you have a better room?

4 do you have a cheaper room?

5 do you have a biger room?

6 do you have a room with a nice of view?

7 please give me a less expensive room.

8 i like a room with a bath.

9 i like a room with a shower.

10 is there a TV-set?

11 is hot water available any time?

12 may i see the room?

13 i like a room with a very large bed.

section1-06 对房间的要求2

1 we will take two smoking connecting room. 我们需要2个可以抽烟的相邻的房间.

2 i want a cheap room with harbor view.

3 do you have a sea view or a mountain view?

4 have you got a vacant room on the fifth floor?

5 i want a room on the higher floor.

6 i want a room on the lower floor.

7 i want a twin room on fourth floor.

8 have you got a Studio Room, becuase i have to work there.

9 i like a Junior Suite

12 a Presidential Suite

13 i like a double room with two bath(s?).

section1-07 关于房间价格

1 how much is the room please?

2 would you tell me the rate per night for a single room with a bath.

3 how much is a double with a bath , please?

4 hou much do you charge a day?

5 by the way, is that a special way for a good preservation(?) ?

6 we are for 10 percent discount for good presevation(?), sir.

7 the 60 dollors include the telephone, a major international newspaper.

8 for 70 dollors we will provide you with a telephone in the mini bar.

9 what's of price do you prefer?

10 services isn't included in the room rate.

section1-08 关于房间价格2

1 a double room with a bath at the moment with the rate between 50 dollors and 70 dollors.

2 there's the minimum price for off season stage淡季 and the maximum price for peak season旺季

3 that depend on what season is it.

4 it's 15 dollars for a single tax extra.

5 is it include tax and service charge? 含税和服务费吗?

6 do you need a deposit(押金,保证金)?

7 there is 20 percent discount.

8 it is about 45 dollors a day including heating fee取暖费 but excluding service charge.

9 we serve breakfast every morning.

10 the charge include only bed and breakfast. 此项收费只包含床位费和早餐费.

section1-09 请来电人稍等

1 just a minute ,please.

2 one moment ,please.

3 cloud you please hold on?

4 wait a minute.

5 hold on ,please.

6 could you please hold the line?

7 would you mind waiting?

8 could you hold a little longer?

9 would you mind waiting for a few moment?

10 hello, are you still on the line?

11 hand on,please.

12 could you hold on a minute?

section1-10 查看是否有空房

2 we do have a vacant seat(空房) for those day.

3 well, you can have a room on Wednesday.

4 there is a single room available for you.

5 there is not suite available on May 8th.

6 we don't have any room available for that week.

7 we don't have any single room available , would you mind a double room instead?

8 do you mind sharing a room with other people?

9 i suggest you make a reservation now, because there's a special discount.

10 the only room available at the moment is a suite.

11 you can have room 309.

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