《Teracom.网络视频课程》(Teracom's DVD Video Training Courses)Teracom出品电信/数据通信/网络/无线/VoIP[DVDRip]

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英文名Teracom's DVD Video Training Courses

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Teracom's DVD Video Training Courses

V1 电信基础 1
V2 电信基础 2
V3 数据通信和网络基础
V4 理解网络 1
V5 理解网络 2

V6 理解无线 1

V8 理解VoIP 1
V9 理解VoIP 2
V10 理解VoIP 3


本论坛曾有网友发布过Teracom的VoIP课程,相关链接: http://www.VeryCD.com/topics/108745/

Get up to speed and fill the gaps on telecom, datacom, networking, IP, MPLS, Voice over IP and wireless at your own pace.
Teracom's DVD video training courses are high-quality multimedia productions featuring the instructor, extensive animated graphics and point-by-point bullets.
Like private lessons from the Director of the Institute!
Our top instructor Eric Coll talks to you directly via the camera,
using his vast experience and acclaimed ability to explain key concepts, mainstream technologies and how it all fits together - in plain English.
Our goal is to bust the buzzwords, explain the jargon and instill structured understanding - knowledge that lasts a lifetime.
Plus, every course comes with a comprehensive workbook with copies of all graphics and detailed reference notes, sure to be a valuable reference for years to come.
Hundreds of organizations have purchased our video sets!
Order this invaluable addition to your training library today.

“Eric was one of the best teachers I have ever had. He was able to break down complex concepts into understandable components and effectively illustrate the concepts with real life analogies. Eric has an exceptionally good sense of humor which he used effectively to keep things lively.”
-- Scott S., Cornell University April 2006

Core Training

Based on our most popular instructor-led Course 101, Telecom, Datacom and Networking for Non-Engineers, the set of five "core training" DVD video courses V1 - V5 puts a structured understanding of telecommunications and IP networking in place, establishing a solid base of fundamentals, explaining the buzzwords, jargon and mainstream technologies… and how it all fits together -- in plain English.
V1 Fundamentals of Telecom 1
The PSTN • Telephony • Telecom Equipment • The Telecom Industry

V2 Fundamentals of Telecom 2
Voice Digitization • DS0-DS3 • Digital Transmission and TDM • T1 • T3 • ISDN • SONET • Fiber and DWDM

V3 Fundamentals of Datacom and Networking
WANs and LANs • MAC Frames vs. IP Packets • The Network "Cloud"

V4 Understanding Networking 1
OSI Layers • Protocol Stacks • The FedEx Analogy
IP Addressing, DHCP, NAT • Bandwidth on Demand Services • Frame Relay • ATM • MPLS

V5 Understanding Networking 2
The Internet • ISPs • The Web • IP Security • Viruses • Firewalls • Encryption • IPsec • VPNs

Wireless Training

Based on our instructor-led Course 120, Understanding Wireless 1 covers mobile communications: cellular, PCS and 3G, plus the wireless Web.
V6 Understanding Wireless 1
Wireless Fundamentals • Cellular: CDMA, TDMA, GSM, GPRS
3G: UMTS, CDMA2000, 1X, 1XEV-DO • Wireless Web

VoIP Training

Based on our very popular instructor-led Course 130 Voice over IP, V8, V9 and V10 are a set of three DVD video courses that explain Voice over IP from top to bottom and front to back. These courses are designed for those who need to get up to speed, understand what VoIP is all about, separate hype from reality, understand the buzzwords and jargon, sort out the protocols, standards, architectures and understand mainstream solutions. Totally new second edition released March 2007.
V8 Understanding Voice over IP 1
Components • Standards • Architectures

V9 Understanding Voice over IP 2
Voice Packetization • Voice Quality • Codecs, Jitter and Packet Loss • Diff-Serv • Network QoS with MPLS

V10 Understanding Voice over IP 3
SIP and IP Call Flow • Carrier Interconnect • Megaco

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