Love And Rockets -《Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven

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Goth Rock音乐阴暗、冷峻,充满宗教的虚幻感和神秘主义色彩。Bauhaus、The The、Modern English是这种风格的代表乐队。Bauhaus乐队由Peter Murphy、Daniel Ash、David Joy、Kevin Haskins 4位成员组成。 1980年Bauhaus在4AD旗下推出了3首单曲(分别是“Dark Entries”、“Terror Couple Kill Colonel”和“Telegram Sam”)和一张专辑唱片《In The Flat Fieold》。Bauhaus不仅在英国开创了Goth Rock一派,同时对Post Punk和其他地下音乐的发展产生了重要的影响。Bauhaus在推出1张专辑唱片后跳槽到Beggars Banquet公司,推出几张专辑唱片后宣告解散,主音歌手Peter Murphy独立发展,Daniel Ash、David Joy、Kevin Haskins组成了Love And Rockets乐队,延续着Goth Rock/Electronic Sound的艺术生命。

Someone in the Love and Rockets camp has a habilt of fine-tuning their albums and adding new songs after the initial album release date. This is cheating, but no matter. I've fine tuned my own version of what the album should sound like. At least this current release has the original line-up of songs, followed by the bonus material. The following is MY running order for the album:

"If There's A Heaven Above" - "Throw the world off your shoulders tonight Mr. Smith . . ." This joyously hopeful song dives right into the main themes of the album, namely - youth, the mystery of religion, the nature of human existence and the progression of time. *****

"A Private Future" - Starts off as a pretty, idyllic song that progresses into a more ominous exploration of religious beliefs. Culminates in the line "Live the life you love/ Use a god you trust/ And don't take it all too seriously" which instantly brings their sermonizing back down to earth. ****

("Snuff out the ") -- "Dog-end Of A Day Gone By" - A steady rock workout drenched in omnipresent guitars, organ and rumbling drums. ****

"The Game" - This one sounds like being caught in some Twilight Zone timewarp. Ticks along at a deliberate pace like a clock that intensifies as the song progresses. ****1/2

"Inside The Outside" - This one's a cool rocker. Dominated by drums that tumble all over the place and tortured single-note shreds of fury on guitar. ****

"God And Mr. Smith" - a wigged-out remix of "If There's A Heaven Above" sans words. Strange Middle Eastern vocal distortions and other effects swirl around to trippy effect. *****

"Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven" - The word "hypnotic" gets thrown around a lot, but this song definitely qualifies for that description. Like entering an alternate reality. Intense - especially at one particular point in the middle! *****

"Haunted When The Minutes Drag" - Also hypnotic and intense, but in a much different way. This is a great guitar-driven song featuring more of the terrific electronic percussion found all over this album. *****

"Saudade" - gorgeous acoustic guitar displaying an expert combination of picking and strumming (an L&R trademark) as a spacey drum gently knocks away. Builds to a gentle yet sweeping climax. A beauty! *****

To me "Ball Of Confusion" belongs on <<EXPRESS>> where it originally appeared (in album form at least) and I prefer the extended version because it's awesome and worth hearing as much of it as possible. I haven't heard all the other mixes included on this CD, so I'll probably break down and get it at some point.

1. If There's a Heaven Above
2. Private Future
3. Dog-End of a Day Gone By
4. Game
5. Seventh Dream of Teenage Heaven
6. Haunted When the Minutes Drag
7. Saudade
8. Ball of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today) [12" UK Mix]
9. Inside the Outside
10. If There's a Heaven Above [12" UK Mix]
11. God and Mr. Smith
12. Haunted When the Minutes Drag [USA Mix]
13. If There's a Heaven Above [Canada Mix]


这里我要感谢网友Cris,几乎我所有的Love And Rockets乐队的资源都是从他那里下载的,虽然我不认识他,但还是要感谢一下,呵呵。






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