Locus Solus -《50th Birthday Celebration Volume Three》[APE]

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专辑中文名50th Birthday Celebration Volume Three
歌手Locus Solus

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Label: Tzadik
Catalog#: TZ 5003
Genre: Jazz, Rock
Style: Free Jazz, Avantgarde


LOCUS SOLUS这支组合最初在1983年就已经出现。1990年在日本出版了唱片。最初成员包括了俩位来自前NO WAVE组合DNA的Arto Lindsay和Ikue Mori,NAKED CITY的Wayne Horvitz,Slapp Happy, Art Bears的Peter Blegvad。这个阵容下的LOCUS SOLUS,TZADIK再版了他们在日本出版的专集。这次的LOCUS SOLUS保留了Arto Lindsay和Anton Fier,ZORN加入。组合依旧带来的是曾经的即兴摇滚风格,在多年的合作碰撞中,现在这支三位成员的LOCUS SOLUS已经达到了及其完美的高度,复杂器乐声混入的即兴成分,美妙与紧凑相互穿插。(作者:Cobra)--http://www.collapsarrecords.com/detail.asp?id=198

Locus Solus was the name of John Zorn's improvised rock trio, which featured a rotating cast. For Zorn's 50th birthday celebration (the entire month of September 2003 at Tonic), the trio of Zorn on alto, Anton Fier on drums, and Arto Lindsay on guitar and vocals got back together for a hot set of crazed rock improvisations. Arto Lindsay is a truly unique guitar player, almost never coming close to an identifiable riff or conventional technique. However, if you listen to the interactions and musical conversation involving these three, you realize that he clearly knows exactly what he's doing. The level of communication between players is stunning, developing lurching, spastic grooves that then get blown apart like ducks in a shooting gallery. Fier can be a powerhouse when he wants, but also pays close attention to the other players. Zorn uses everything in his alto arsenal and Lindsay's extemporaneous vocalisms are almost as entertaining as his guitar is deranged, especially on "In Memory Of" (Peter Watrous). The recording itself is excellent, to the point that you can catch snippets of conversation/musical strategy between tunes ("Let's play another one like that"). Certainly not for all tastes, this is a noisy, fun listen. ~ Sean Westergaard, All Music Guide----http://shop.mtv.com/Locus-Solus--50th-Birthday-Celebration-Experimental-Rock_stcVVproductId2548522VVcatId420984VVviewprod.htm

Credits: Alto Saxophone - John Zorn
Drums - Anton Fier
Producer - John Zorn
Vocals, Guitar - Arto Lindsay


01. Intro (0:35)
02. That Scene (1:23)
03. Doll Moment (2:53)
04. Unwritten Law (2:56)
05. Ponce (4:00)
06. Come Yelling (1:51)
07. On The Ropes (3:28)
08. Klossowski (2:21)
09. Pacing (2:38)
10. In Memory Of (2:39)
11. Detroit For No Reason (1:18)
12. This Year's Skirts (2:51)
13. Want Those Boots (4:20)
14. Trampoline At Dawn (1:13)
15. Last Thing To Get Moist (4:59)
16. Ceiling (4:01)
17. Doll Sport (1:25)





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