Justin Currie -《What Is Love For》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名What Is Love For
歌手Justin Currie

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看到墨水筒子发的From the Heart: 2008合集中有Justin Currie,于是想起还有这张东西还没发出来的~

Justin Currie以前是Del Amitri的成员,Justin Currie来自苏格兰,本张专辑为他个个人首张专辑。

风格类似Alternative Rock/Singer-songwriter,声音比较磁,有兴趣的朋友可以下来一听~

Ex-Del Amitri singer makes top-notch return.

Saying Currie knows how to craft a song is a bit like saying Caravaggio could paint, but the sideburned Scot s solo debut maybe prove to be his masterwork. It s pointed, harp-decorated title track includes a stunning modulation, while the drifting, harmony-rich Walking Through You is the kind of affectingly winsome nugget you d hear everywhere were The Eagles to record it. Lyrically, the heart s stoicism (If I Ever Loved You) and capacity for deceit (Where Did I Go?) are brilliantly dissected, Currie occasionally sliding into an easy falsetto and spitting tumbling bile-infused verses on epic closer No Surrender. The latter is magnificently ambitious, our host thumbing a whole Rolodex of modern-world ills as electric piano and emotive strings swells build drama. Touchstones here, Currie has said, included Plastic Ono Band and Nina Simone and Piano. Such classic references have bred near-classic results.

The stunning solo debut from the founder and voice of DEL AMITRI.

"More than anything, I think that these songs represent the end of my youth," Justin Currie says of What Is Love For, his first solo album and his Rykodisc debut. "I wanted to allow my world-weariness to roam unchecked. And I wanted to be straight about love about how I can't explain it, control it or figure it out."
As lead singer and main songwriter of Scottish rock/popsters Del Amitri, Currie established an enviable reputation for sterling melodic craftsmanship and pithy, forthright lyrics. What Is Love For maintains those qualities, while achieving impressive new levels of musical and emotional immediacy.

"For me," Currie states, "the song 'What Love Is For?' sums up this record, in that it's ostensibly bleak, but underneath, there's a Morse code melody that's telling you something else. "

What Is Love For features 11 Currie compositions whose pensive meditations on love's darker margins are supported by spare, organic arrangements. Such numbers as "Not So Sentimental Now," "Walking Through You," "If I Ever Loved You" and the haunting title track confront their thorny subject matter with a compelling blend of hard-won insight and pointed humor.


1. What Is Love For
2. Not So Sentimental Now
3. Walking Through You
4. Something In That Mess
5. If I Ever Loved You
6. Only Love
7. Gold Dust
8. Out Of My Control
9. Where Did I Go
10. Still In Love
11. No Surrender
12. Bonus Track 1







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