Little Barrie -《We Are Little Barrie》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名We Are Little Barrie
歌手Little Barrie

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专辑名称:We Are Little Barrie
专辑歌手:Little Barrie
专辑类型:British Trad Rock;Jam Bands;Blues-Rock
唱片公司:Artemis Records


Little Barrie是支来自英国伦敦的三人乐队,由主唱兼吉他手Barrie Cadogan、贝斯手Lewis Wharton以及鼓手Billy Skinner组成,2005年推出的《We Are Little Barrie》是乐队的处女专辑,两年后,他们又制作发行了第二张专辑《Stand Your Ground》。除了英国乐队特有的英式底子外,专辑充斥着大量的布鲁斯旋律以及Funk元素,让人过耳不忘。

主唱Barrie的嗓音特别细腻。他们的音乐节奏畅快,旋律悦耳,大量重复的布鲁斯Riff或许会让你想到Jimi Hendrix,而偶尔透着的Funk节奏又可能让你想到Ross Bolton或者红辣椒乐队。

London trio Little Barrie's debut disc, We Are Little Barrie, is a lighthearted, light-fingered romp through the last 30 years of rock history, making stops at funk, blues, psychedelia, AOR, and Brit-pop before landing firmly in the classic rock-inspired jam band camp — actually landing right at the forefront of that scene and somewhere to the left, too, as Little Barrie manage to escape all the pitfalls (overlong songs, dopey lyrics, lack of dynamics, to name a few) common to the jam band scene. Featuring Edwyn Collins' pitch-perfect production, We Are Little Barrie pulls off the feat of sounding both totally live and carefully planned out at once, giving off warm and groovy vibes from beginning to end. The true star of the show is Barrie Cadogan's guitar; the youngster is a funky rhythm player and peels off some invigorating, non-wanky solos. Unlike so many whiz kids, he doesn't feel the need to show off everything he has ever learned, using his considerable powers in the name of the songs. And the songs are fine, ranging from the acoustic soul of "Greener Pastures," the funky blues of "Be the One" and "Burned Out," and the laid-back grooves of "Free Salute" and "Long Hair" to the storming hard rock of "Well and Truly Done," "Move On So Easy," and "Please Tell Me." Not a weak number to be found. Collins' touch behind the board is a thing of wonder, as he gives the band a thoroughly retro sound without sounding like a pastiche. He and engineer Seb Lewsley also get a great drum sound — something that too many producers overlook. Cadogan's vocals are another strength; both he and singing drummer Wayne Fullwood have loads of blue-eyed soul and never oversing, preferring instead to stay within the song's structure. All the talk of restraint shouldn't lead to the conclusion that the album is subdued or unexciting — far from it; the songs fairly leap out of speakers and there is enough electricity flowing through the grooves to power a small city. We Are Little Barrie is a stunning debut for sure, and the kind of record both old-school classic rock dads and groove-loving young kids should be clambering over each other to buy.


1. Free Salute
2. Burned Out
3. Greener Pastures
4. Be the One
5. Please Tell Me
6. Well and Truly Done
7. Stone Reprise
8. Stones Throw
9. Long Hair
10. Thinking On the Mind
11. Move On So Easy
12. Living in and Out of Place
13. Freeprise







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