Thumb -《Encore》[MP3!]

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音乐风格:Rapcore / Nu-metal


德国的新金属.对于1996年的这个专辑来说个人感觉这个乐队比较突出的是他们的Turntables(DJ),做的相当不错.很少能见一个乐队听这么DJ scratch(打碟),做点scratch和氛围,简直是DJ引导他们的音乐,哈哈开个玩笑.再加上一直搞背景的吉他,好像吉他和DJ位置换了,主唱的说唱和怒喊.听着不错.不过后来的这个2001年的专辑,DJ没有那么明显了.换来的是强劲的吉他.主唱风格变了一点.但是感觉更奋进了.

Claus Grabke - Vocals
Jens Goessling - Turntables
Jan Hendrik Meyer - Bass
Axel Hilgenstoehler - Guitar
Steffen Wilmking - Drums

THUMB was formed in the summer of 1993 . All of the members at the time were involved in other bands but the 'project' status of THUMB quickly materialized into a full time band with the addition of singer Claus' old time skate buddy Jan. The chemistry of the new creation had a profound and inspirational intensity that lead to daily practices and a communal celebration for each song that the unit created. This union was truly something special. When it came to naming the group THUMB came up- it sounded good, did not imply to deep of a meaning and seemed to stick.

Learning from the mistakes that each individual member had made in previous bands there was no rush to get out and play shows. A little after the band started playing out they added a fifth member- a DJ. This was definitely an uncommon addition but it fit the THUMB concept and sound. The goal was not to have the DJ replicate the style of traditional hip-hop DJ's who tend to stick to the trademark, rhythmic, old-school scratching techniques but to incorporate the turntables as more of a sampler adding a new found completeness to the band's sound.

After releasing a demo that sold well in Germany the band released their first record and constantly toured. This first release did quite well and was re- released with five live tracks and a cover version of the Minor Threat classic 'I Don't Wanna Hear It' (of course with a THUMB-like twist). In 1996 THUMB played 130 shows in 10 months. The new record 慐xposure' was written following this touring in three months and was released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland last year.

Since Thumb started they have toured with Sick of It All, Bad Religion, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Ignite, Millencolin, Rollins Band, Pennywise, Machine Head and many others. The cool thing about touring with such a varied list of bands was that it proved THUMB could reach out to many different types of people playing music that they were excited and compassionate about.

Aside from music THUMB is concerned with issues that effect us all on a larger scale. PETA has worked closely with the band and included them in an anti-fur campaign 'I'd rather go naked than wear fur!'. All of the members of THUMB are vegetarians.

SKATE AND DESTROY Being that they are from Germany and have never released a record in America THUMB are relatively unknown in this country. The band will be on the first 16 dates of this year's Warped Tour which should help to change this, finally allowing them to play live in America.

Singer Claus, is no stranger to America though. Many of you from the 80's American skateboard scene will remember the name Claus Grabke. In 1981 Claus went pro for the German skate company TITUS SKATES. In 1985 he was a pro rider for POWELL PERALTA and had his own board which was extremely popular at the time.. In ?6 Claus switched over to MADRID and later that year went to SANTA CRUZ- who he feels were his best all time sponsor. Throughout his 22 year history in the skateboarding scene (Claus started in 1976 and won his first contest in '77) Claus has also been sponsored by INDEPENDENT TRUCK CO., SPEED WHEELS and VANS SHOES. He was German champion 11 times, European champion 4 times, has won over 20 European cups and placed 4th and 6th in the official world championships. And we cannot forget Jan- he was also a German skateboard champion.

Claus is quick to point out that competitions were never the reason that he skated. He was more into meeting new friends from around the world and traveling doing something that he loved. 'Skateboarding is not an Olympic kind of sport where you train with a perfect training and diet plan in mind.... it's all different... it's a lot like making music- it's independent and fulfilling, it's a means of expressing yourself!'

In Germany Claus also had a popular 'zine called DEATHZONE and started the extremely successful MONSTER SKATEBOARD MAGAZINE which still exists today.

Claus and Jan still actively skate but no longer on the professional circuit.

"3" 2001
"ENCORE" "1996"



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1. Aside
2. Haunted
3. Victim Of Your Lies
4. Red Alert
5. Fascism Sucks
6. No More Blood
7. Fed Up
8. Skindeep
9. Deny
10. Consumers Rap-Sody
11. It Aint What You See
12. Boredom
13. All The Way Down







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