Expose -《Greatest Hits》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Greatest Hits

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1987 首張專輯 "Exposure" 中締造了四首 Top 10 的單曲,1992 年發表新的專輯 Expose。

I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me 劲辣女子乐团「曝露合唱团」93年全美抒情榜深情冠军情歌经典

This trio were America's most popular girl band in the late 1980's & managed to achieve 9 US top 20 hits with their trademark latin inspired pop & disco beats.Despite their success,they made little impact in the UK.All their best known songs are included here & they start off sounding like Madonna in her early days."Come go with me" is typically bright & breezy pop dance, full of the distinct latin flavour while "Point of no return" has a fantastic synthesiser driven bassline & sounds like it may have inspired the music used by the Pet Shop Boys on "Domino Dancing".The mood then changes with the mid tempo SOS Band sounding "Let me be the one" which is more soulful & with much stronger vocals.The ballads are also equally impressive.US no 1 "Seasons change" & "When I looked at him" are beautifully sung & full of emotion & sweet harmonies.The 1990 single "Tell me why" saw the group tackle R&B & a much beefier sound both musically & in subject matter with a song about gang violence.An excellent hip hop influenced track, it is one of their best songs & although this could have seen the girls move in a new direction, it proved to be the beginning of the end as the emergence of vocally perfect R&B girl groups like En Vogue,TLC & SWV saw the popularity of Expose' diminish, & the ballad "Ill never get over you" proved to be their last major hit & curiously their only UK chart entry.Other highlights include dance tracks "What you don't know" & the more 90's sounding "I specialise in love"."Exposed to love" sounds like a New York club classic in the same mould of Shannon's "Let the music play" but unfortunately is lacking a strong chorus.Although the faithful cover of "End of the world" is pleasant, some of the other ballads are possibly a little too middle of the road for some pop fans but there are no fillers on this album & for a greatest hits collection, this maintains a very high standard.Of course, music has evolved considerably since Expose' were popular but they were the Destiny's Child of their day & are a hugely underrated group in the UK who deserved much more recognition.


1. Come Go with Me
2. Point of No Return
3. Let Me Be the One
4. I'll Say Good-Bye for the Two of Us
5. What You Don't Know
6. Tell Me Why
7. Seasons Change
8. I'll Never Get over You Getting over Me
9. Exposed to Love
10. I Specialize in Love [Remix]
11. End of the World
12. When I Looked at Him
13. Your Baby Never Looked Good in Blue
14. Come Go with Me [Remix]
15. Point of No Return [Remix]






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