Heiruspecs -《10 Years Strong 》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名10 Years Strong

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Heiruspecs是一个基于明尼苏达州圣保罗,明确地说是在Midway地区的现场rap和hip hop乐队。

他们最新的专辑《10 Years Strong》在2007年的12月发布。这张专辑是一个新歌老歌的汇编,许多曲目来自《Live from the Studio》和《Antidisestablishmetabolism》这两张已经绝版的专辑。这支乐队以现场的表演出名。与当下许多hip hop乐团利用样张和唱机不同,Heiruspecs更强调原始的现场的表演,这是他们的根基也是当地的特别景象。他们拥有活泼乐观的音乐,更有乐队代表性的超过半年的巡回演出。

Heiruspecs is a live rap/hip hop band based in St. Paul, Minnesota, specifically the Midway neighborhood.

Their most recent album, 10 Years Strong, was released in December of 2007. It is a compilation of new and old songs, many taken from Live from the Studio and Antidisestablishmetabolism, both of which are now out-of-print. The band is mostly known for their live performances. In contrast to many contemporary hip hop groups that use sampling and turntables, Heiruspecs emphasize a raw, live sound, their roots and local scene. They have a very upbeat sound and are typically on tour for at least half of the year.

“We started out playing in high school in St. Paul to a crowd of hip-hop kids, thug kids, nerd kids and honor students,” Heiruspecs bassist Twinkie Jiggles says. “Eventually, the school paper wrote about us and said we were the best band out of Central High since Mint Condition. Then we played our first gig in Minneapolis when I was 15 and my dad showed up and smelled weed.”

Not many bands lock into their sound in high school or manage to hang together for seven years, but Heiruspecs has and now the young 20-somethings are seasoned vets. With more than 100,000 revolutions on the band’s odometer from a touring schedule that keeps them on the road 150 days a year, Heiruspecs has steadily broken down preconceived notions of live hip-hop by refusing to regurgitate the same old sounds you’ve heard before, and knock you upside the head with their impressive array of funk, soul and hard-hitting beats. And the band doesn’t cop samples to get to where they want to take you, instead opting to deliver it all live, all original.

All this has culminated in the band’s latest, A Tiger Dancing (Razor & Tie) released September 28, 2004. With lead MC Felix’s fast-lane but steady and assured handle on the mic and the powerful rhythmic backing of the band, Heiruspecs has brought live hip-hop into a new arena. From the countdown of a daily routine that makes up “5ves” to the mid-song break between old-school and new school in the title track, the soul strains of “Heartsprings,” and the frantic anthem of “Fist,” Heiruspecs cast a net that encompasses everything from


01. Some From None
02. Hardline
03. Movement
04. Miclife
05. State Of The Union
06. If You Like This
07. Dollar
08. Dedication
09. Life As A Superhero
10. Hip-Hop Nerdism
11. Madison Introductions
12. Respecting Women
13. Meters
14. Quarter Notes
15. Bright Lights
16. 5ves
17. War Drums
18. Not You
19. Guns and Knives
20. I Know







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