Matchbox Twenty -《Exile on Mainstream》[APE]

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专辑中文名Exile on Mainstream

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Rob Thomas出生在德国的一个军事基地,17岁时,他放靠着搭便车在美国东南部一带流浪,而当时他生命中唯一的事就是音乐。尚未在歌坛闯出一片天地之前, Rob Thomas以写歌来纾解生命中的压力,同时以独特的声音风格在当地几个摇滚乐团中演唱。当他在奥兰多地区定区下来后,遇到了有相同音乐理念的鼓手 Paul Doucette与贝斯手Brian Yale,三人形成搭档后又找到了在迈阿密录音工作的吉他手Adam Gaynor与在亚特兰大音乐学校就读的吉他手Kyle Cook,自此Matchbox Twenty(火柴盒20)就这样成立了。他们成团后便立即和Atlantic唱片公司签下一纸合约,于1996年发行第一张专辑《Yourself or Someone Like You》。这张专辑共推出四支单曲《Push》、《3am》、《Real World》和《Back 2 Good》,支支都成为电台的最爱,而这四支有趣的音乐录像带也在MTV及VH1电视台获得极高的播放率。接着Matchbox Twenty在视觉与听觉上的魅力更让他们得到来自四面八方的赞誉:1997年获得滚石杂志读者票选最佳新进团体、Billboard杂志1997年最佳团体奖、入选Spin杂志1998年年度十大专辑之一、而Rob Thomas的领袖气质让他列入People杂志1998年50名全球最美丽的人物之一。接下来的日子Matchbox Twenty一直在巡回演唱会中度过,将他们的音乐带到全球五大洲。

MATCHBOX TWENTY的这张期待已久,让人们等待已久的新专集, Exile on Mainstream ,于10月2号上架发行.这张双碟专集收录了6首新歌,包括单曲 "How Far We've Come"以及其他11首流行个单曲.(转载自UKOO原创翻译)

Thank Dr.E for sharing!

Say this for Matchbox Twenty -- they've gotten better the longer they've stuck around. And that's not just their music, either: they've dropped the pretense of spelling their name as matchbox 20, they've gone away from cumbersome album titles, and they've embraced their status as MOR rockers. All of this is evident on Exile on Mainstream, which is not only the first of their albums to bear a simple yet clever title, it's a collection of hits that traces their progression into a good, solid mainstream band and is also buttressed by an EP that finds them livelier than ever. Bolder, too, especially on the rockabilly of "I'll Believe You When" and the slow oldies beat of "Can't Let You Go," which are light and dexterous in a way they've never been before. These are balanced by a few cuts that don't stretch quite as far, but the propulsive pop "If I Fall," charging anthem "How Far We've Come," and earnest ballad "These Hard Times" are smooth, accomplished mainstream pop that are better constructed in every respect than their earliest hits. That much is evident by this EP's juxtaposition with the 11-track greatest-hits disc, which has all their big radio hits presented in chronological order. There are a few minor hits missing -- "Angry," "Last Beautiful Girl," "Downfall," none of which climbed that high on the charts -- so this has everything that a modern rock or adult contemporary radio listener would know, and the striking thing about listening to the disc is to hear how they abandoned the angst-ridden cartwheels that weighed down "Push" and built upon the snappy hooks of "Real World" and "3 AM," developing a sense of melodic craft that flourished in the smooth ballad "If You're Gone" and the arena rocker "Unwell." These were highlights on their respective albums, but when these moments are put together as a hits collection, it makes for a surprisingly entertaining batch of mainstream rock -- but the real story is the bonus disc, which suggests that after this collection is out of the way, Matchbox Twenty may have their first very good studio album on the way.


1. How Far We've Come
2. I'll Believe You When
3. All Your Reasons
4. These Hard Times
5. If I Fall
6. Can't Let You Go
7. Long Day
8. Push
9. 3 Am
10. Real World
11. Back 2 Good
12. Bent
13. If You're Gone
14. Mad Season
15. Disease
16. Unwell
17. Bright Lights






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