The Proclaimers -《Persevere》[MP3!]

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专辑名称: Persevere
专辑歌手: The Proclaimers
发行日期: 2001
专辑语种: 英语
专辑类型: Rock
唱片厂牌: Persevere
压缩比率: 128Kbps



英文:The Reids put music on hold when their father became critically ill. He passed away in August ’97 and Craig and Charlie returned to writing. The tunes built up though the lyrics took time. Family life had been busy, Craig now with four children, Charlie with three. Finally in early 2000, the brothers were happy that they had a collection of songs fit for an album and they headed to Minneapolis to begin recording. With EMI's closure of Chrysalis as a stand-alone label and failing to see eye to eye with the new proprietors, The Proclaimers very happily parted company with the new regime. After heading to Minneapolis in August 2000 to record their fourth album, Craig and Charlie, along with manager Kenny MacDonald, subsequently seized the opportunity to form their own label, 'Persevere' Records.

They drafted in a wealth of international talent for their most ambitious recordings to date, headed by Chris Kimsey, legendary producer of a plethora of classic albums including seven from the Rolling Stones. Musicians included Chuck Leavell (of The Allman Brothers fame and keyboard player with The Stones for the last 20 years); drummer Pete Thomas (Elvis's Attractions) and Hutch Hutchinson (Bonnie Raitt's band, and many more.) Persevere was engineered by Tom Tucker Snr, Prince's house engineer at Paisley Park for the past 15 years.

Fans’ patience was rewarded in May 2001 with the release of the album Persevere, a highly acclaimed collection of beautiful and exhilarating songs, which won them a new audience. After an inexcusable (in their words!) absence of seven years, The Proclaimers reformed a world class band and took to the road for over 100 gigs in the UK and North America. They proved that they are still among the most dynamic and energetic live acts in the world, stirring passions on both sides of the Atlantic. Highlights of an exceptional year included a rousing set at Scotland’s major music festival T In The Park, an arena tour of the USA with the Barenaked Ladies, I’m On My Way featured in the smash movie Shrek and a headline performance for 100,000 revellers before the backdrop of Edinburgh Castle as the highlight of the city’s legendary Hogmanay celebrations. They kicked off 2002 with a month of dates in Australia and New Zealand, and their first ever dates in the United Arab Emirates.


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01. There's A Touch
02. Sweet Little Girls
03. A Land Fit For Zeros
04. How Many Times
05. One Too Many
06. That's When He Told Her
07. Scotland's Story
08. When You're In Love
09. She Arouses Me So
10. Everybody's A Victim
11. Don't Give It To Me
12. Heaven Right Now
13. Slowburner
14. Act Of Remembrance







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