Stella Mirus -《天空》(Air)CUE内嵌[WV]

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艺术家Stella Mirus

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发行版本:Pacific Garden / CHCB-30003
专辑风格:New Age, Classical


这张专辑是“和平花园”公司出品的一张专辑,是由菅井爱里女士演唱并制作的,这张专辑整体是古典风格,是由菅井爱里改编创作的一张专辑,其中In Your Arms、Aquamarin、Stella、Silent Love是原创曲目。在这张专辑中,我最喜欢首曲“Air (For The G String)”和第三曲“In Your Arms”。“Air (For The G String)”是由巴赫创作的一首古典作品,在整首作品中,轻柔的女声给人带来一种神圣的教堂唱诗感觉,但又能使人感到很放松。第三曲In Your Arms是菅井爱里原创的一首曲子,唱词是作者自己编写的“ERI语”,虽然我不能理解其中的含义,但在旋律中我感受到曲子所表达的在母亲温暖怀抱中的感情。

论说时下New Age音乐的创作风格莫过于乐器的悠扬旋律与绝妙女声的完美配合了,这样的音乐形式可以让听众获得更多的音乐感受,而这张专辑由于制作人的个人风格,又加入了更多的古典元素,就是人声也带有了圣经诗歌的味道,那是引人入胜的.


(09 December 2000) Kazumasa Yoshioka and Eri Sugai co-produced the album Air (Pacific Garden (Japan) CHCB-30003), 2000) under the moniker Stella Mirus. Eri told us, "this is not an Asian-style CD, I made it by order to make classic music by Mr Yoshioka. That is my style too." Enthusiasts of music by Miriam Stockley, Enya, Adiemus and Eri Sugai's album Mai are certain to enjoy this album as well. One track is even reminiscent of work by the legendary Julee Cruise.

Eri Sugai has created stunning vocal arrangements that perfectly compliment her crystalline voice for the album's nine tracks, of which five trace back to classical pieces by Bach, Satie, Beethoven Faure and Mussorgsky. We were instantly reminded of Adiemus, Enya and Annie Haslam's Still Live from first listen. The album opens with it's title track "Air" derived from a piece by Bach. Gently flowing vocal layers are supported by light keyboard accompaniment.

Sugai's lovely interpretation of Erik Satie's classic "Gymnopedie No.1" is almost entirely vocalise—the keyboard is especially light and perfectly compliments her voice. Annie Haslam's "Shine" on her 1985 Still Life is an interesting lyrical alternative and worth a journey for interested readers. Eri Sugai's vocal arrangement of "Sonata for Klavier Nr.14" (Beethoven) is most reminiscent of the whispy style of Julee Cruise and is accompanied by Yoshioka's lovely keyboard-created string part.

By stark contrast to the classically derived numbers on the album is a certain favourite to Enya's fans called "In Your Arms." String passages, vocal arrangements, keyboards and the song structure itself create an instant allusion to Enya's latest album A Day Without Rain. "Aquamarin" is an atmospheric number, with both evocative vocals and rapid range traversing keyboard excursions, is equally reminiscent of Enya's work. The similarities are lovely and Eri Sugai's voice suits the style extremely well.
Eri Sugai's crystalline vocal ability shines through in the a capella arrangements of "Stella". Harmony layers support the lead vocal layers and create a stunning accompaniment during the piece performed very much in the style created on her Mai album. The style continues into the introduction to the artists' interpretation of Faure's "Siciliania-Pel Leas Et Melisande Op. 80." Keyboards join and support the lead and backing harmonies as the almost epic length track develops. The album's final classical re-arrangement begins with a lovely multi-tracked a capella rendition of a portion of Mussogsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. Midway through the track the vocals quickly pick up pace and additional layers and orchestral instantly recognisable as an Adiemus style emerge.

Styles blend in the album's closing epic "Silent Love." The keyboard arrangement is especially notable and full of classically derived allusions. Within the vocal passages, listeners will hear styles made famous by Enya, Julee Cruise, a bit of Adiemus and the blend will leave a lovely impression of this tremendous album. Clearly Eri Sugai is a stunning vocal talent and one that we hope to hear a lot more of in the coming years. Air is worth extensive exploration and worthy of a trans-Atlantic (or trans-Pacific) journey, it is certainly a must listen!

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01. Air (For The G String) (5:43)
02. Gymnopedies No.1 (3:52)
03. In Your Arms (2:10)
04. Sonata Fur Klavier Nr.14 (5:36)
05. Aquamarin (4:38)
06. Stella (3:58)
07. Siciliana-Pel Leas Et Melisande Op.80 (7:49)
08. Tableaux Dune Exposition (2:55)
09. Silent Love (8:54)






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