Various Artists -《Instant Karma - The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Instant Karma - The Amnesty International Campaign To Save Darfur

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这张专辑,为了声援国际大赦组织减轻达尔富尔人道主义危机,国际大赦组织经大野洋子授权后请世界上许多著名歌手演唱John Lennon的歌曲而出的专辑。也是纪念John Lennon而特别出的专集...,John Lennon是个伟大的人,不仅仅在音乐方面,他的音乐更多的还是在表现自己对世界的期望,一生都致力于改变这个缺少关爱的世界...而他所做的就是真正英雄的工作...如果John Lennon还活着,那他肯定会义无返顾地为达尔富尔做出他的贡献...而现在在做这英雄的工作的人又有多少呢?——转自抓虾,译者:一骑红尘河马来

没想到这么经典的合辑VC上居然没有……看看歌手阵容吧!!相当强大啊!!而且全是John Lennon的作品。这些歌手并不是简单的把Lennon的歌曲翻唱,应该说每位歌手都将自己的风格融入了进去。比如 Imagine 就有Jack Johnson 和Avril Lavigne的两个版本。

Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur is a compilation album of various artists covering songs of John Lennon to benefit Amnesty International's campaign to alleviate the crisis in Darfur. This project coincides with Amnesty International's "Make Some Noise" project.

John Lennon would have turned 67 in 2007. If alive, he could well be at the forefront of bringing peace to Darfur, where more than half a million have died from violence and disease during four years of rebel discord. So to create awareness of the ongoing conflict, Amnesty International (with permission from Yoko Ono) has mined Lennon's solo work and rounded up nearly two dozen current artists to reinterpret the music, which spans the ex-Beatle's entire post-band catalog (plus a pair from while the Fab Four were still in business). As with any attempt to cover Beatles-related music, results are hit and miss, with kudos going to Snow Patrol and the Postal Service for capturing the starkness of "Isolation" and "Grow Old with Me," respectively, Mexican rock band Jaguares for uncovering the fear and fury in "Gimme Some Truth," and (surprise!) Christina Aguilera for nailing the complex composition and mood of "Mother." Other highlights include Jackson Browne's piano-led "Oh My Love," Green Day's louder straight take on "Working Class Hero," and the Black Eyed Peas turning "Power to the People" into a gospelly protest. Will resurrecting 30-to-40-year-old messages of peace and love be enough to help end the brutalities in Darfur? That remains to be seen. But selecting John Lennon as the author of those messages will make people listen and, with this collection, may keep them listening.



Disc: 1
01. Instant Karma - U2
02. #9 Dream - R.E.M.
03. Mother - Christina Aguilera
04. Give Peace A Chance - Aerosmith with Sierra Leone Refuge All-Stars
05. Cold Turkey - Lenny Kravitz
06. Whatever Gets You Through the Night - Los Lonely Boys
07. I'm Losing You - Corinne Bailey Rae
08. Gimme Some Truth - Jakob Dylan Feat. Dhani Harrison
09. Oh, My Love - Jackson Browne
10. Imagine - Avril Lavigne
11. Nobody Told Me - Big & Rich
12. Jealous Guy - Youssou N'Dour
Disc: 2
01. Working Class Hero - Green Day
02. Power to the People - Black Eyed Peas
03. Imagine - Jack Johnson
04. Beautiful Boy - Ben Harper
05. Isolation - Snow Patrol
06. Watching the Wheels - Matisyahu
07. Grow Old With Me - Postal Service
08. Gimme Me Some Truth - Jaguares
09. (Just Like) Starting Over - The Flaming Lips
10. God - Jack's Mannequin feat. Mick Fleetwood
11. Real Love - Regina Spektor






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