Asphyx -《Last One On Earth 》[APE]

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专辑中文名Last One On Earth

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Genre(s):Death/Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s):occultism, death, damnation
Label:Century Media


Asphyx于1987年建团,10几年经历着人员的调整,但始终保持着他们的old school death metal的风格。最后嘶吼的心,山脉起伏,海水沸腾,大地的抽搐,这心会融化石头。

A piece of Death Metal with doom parts, sick accelerations, scorch voices(Martin Van Drunen AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!!). This basic and old school death metal is served by a good loud sound and offer to all death metal maniac a lesson of what old Death was...So don't hesitate, it's not bad... http://www.metalmadness.org/phpBB2/viewtop...t=asphyx

Asphyx may not be the first Dutch death metal band (Thanatos may lay claim to that title), but they are among the oldest, having been formed in 1987. Despite several lineup changes over the years, the band have done well for themselves over the years with several quality releases. They first disbanded in 1996, but then the core of Eric Daniels and Bob Bagchus returned, but under a new name: Soulburn. As Soulburn, they released Feeding On Angels, after which the band decided to return to recording as Asphyx, which they last did in 2000 with On The Wings Of Inferno. By all accounts the band really hasn't changed a lot over the years, preferring to stick to a tried-and-true formula of intense old-school death metal, which they do quite well.------http://www.goalyrics.com/cn/biography-467.html

[Van Drunen / Van Drunen, Daniels]
Behold my final testimony
I'm the survivor of my race
hear the tale of sadness and genocide
where the species disappeared
and the trees could no longer breathe
a drama of collective suicide
as we let our children suffer
in a paradise long gone
utopia has never within reach
but we still kept believing
in the madness and the lies
read my words that's all that I beseech
As we died because of our ignorance
as we died because of greed
because of our stupidity
now I'm the last one to scream
The mountains now are rising
and the oceans start to boil
the final convulsion of the earth
the heat is melting every stone
volcanes start to roar
cosmic chaos no hope for rebirth
I'm the living witness
of the torment and the pain
I was doomed to see the planet die
together with the tragedy
I'm craving for relief
eternally the universe will cry


1. M.S. Bismarck
2. The Krusher
3. Serenade In Lead
4. Last One On Earth
5. The Incarnation Of Lust
6. Streams Of Ancient Wisdom
7. Food For The Ignorant
8. Asphyx (Forgotten War)





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