Asphyx -《God Cries》[APE]

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专辑中文名God Cries


Genre(s):Death/Doom Metal
Lyrical theme(s):occultism, death, damnation
Label:Century Media


Asphyx于1987年建团,10几年经历着人员的调整,但始终保持着他们的old school death metal的风格。2000年前Jesus让儿子死?2000年后wars and hunger 让人们死.......by God?

Rising from the ashes of breaking up a year after the release of their self-titled album, the Dutch band Asphyx have come to life with their new album, _God Cries_. Reuniting with two-thirds of the original line-up, they put in a very solid 9-song effort. Songs like the title track, "My Beloved Enemy", "Died Yesterday" and "Slaughtered in Sodom" utilize slow to mid-paced speed, and concentrate on guitar intricacy rather than blinding speed (which some bands these days find necessary). Worthy of note is that _God Cries_ is a little more than half the length of their debut album with each song on averaging about three and a half minutes compared to their self-titled album where the average length is nearly six minutes (I guess on this album they took the "shorter but sweeter" approach). Not many surprises, but some good music nonetheless. ---------http://www.metalmadness.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3185&highlight=asphyx

Asphyx may not be the first Dutch death metal band (Thanatos may lay claim to that title), but they are among the oldest, having been formed in 1987. Despite several lineup changes over the years, the band have done well for themselves over the years with several quality releases. They first disbanded in 1996, but then the core of Eric Daniels and Bob Bagchus returned, but under a new name: Soulburn. As Soulburn, they released Feeding On Angels, after which the band decided to return to recording as Asphyx, which they last did in 2000 with On The Wings Of Inferno. By all accounts the band really hasn't changed a lot over the years, preferring to stick to a tried-and-true formula of intense old-school death metal, which they do quite well.------http://www.goalyrics.com/cn/biography-467.html

2000 years ago
someone died
he is known to man as the son of a god
what kind of father lets his son die?
his time will come; an eye for an eye
look at a history of 2000 years
there's no joy left; there are only tears
and as time went on
wars and hunger;
the inheritance of his son
and soon we'll join him in the battle
against you
there's only one thing left to do
god cries, blood on his hands and tears in his eyes
godforsaken dreams, the failure and the shame
let's goon the other side, let us cross the styx
not out of curiosity, we want revenge
when we meet our maker
we'll ask him why
and we stab him in the back
just as he did to us
now we're on the other side
we know what we came for
blood for blood is the rule
our judgement has come
2000 years ago
someone died
god cries, blood on his hands and tears in this eyes
godforsaken dreams, the failure and the shame
2000 years ago
someone cried-------http://www.iselong.com/lyrics/a/asphyx/god-cries.html


1. God Cries
2. It Awaits
3. My Beloved Enemy
4. Died Yesterday
5. Cut-Throat Urges
6. Slaughtered In Sodom
7. Frozen Soul
8. Fear My Greed
9. The Blood I Spilled






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