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英文名Alias ImageStudio v2.0

IPB Image
Alias公司推出的全新渲染软件,ImageStudio的开发是为了满足那些艺术设计的渲染与交流。它主要针对那些进行概念建模但又需要高质量渲染图像的艺术家们而设计。它能够使设计者将在StudioTools或CAD软件中创建的3D文件转换成出色的渲染图像。ImageStudio应用了mental ray技术并支持艺术级的“image based lighting”。软件可通过工业标准IGES数据格式读取由StudioTools,Maya和其他CAD软件所创建的3D模型。渲染图像可被保存为多种格式例如bmp,tiff,jpef。



Alias ImageStudio is a revolutionary product that enables designers to
quickly create beautifully rendered images from 3D models for
communicating design and selling ideas in design reviews and
presentations. Use 3D models to create digital images as a practical and
cost effective alternative to photography or recreating 2D illustrations.

Focus on What You Do Best
Spend less time preparing renderings of 3D models and more time designing
and modeling. With its easy-to-use interface, you can create professional
results within hours of first using Alias ImageStudio.

Achieve the Look You Want
High quality materials and environment presets included with Alias
ImageStudio put years of rendering expertise at your fingertips. Presets
can be customized to create unlimited variations and unique results.

Easy to learn; easy to use
It can take months to become proficient at rendering – even then scene
preparation can take days. Alias ImageStudio, however, requires just a few
hours to learn and takes minutes for scene setup.

Import models from many sources
Import models from popular CAD software, such as Pro/Engineer® and
Solidworks, via industry standard IGES or STEP formats. Optional Direct
Connect modules can be purchased to read data directly from popular CAD

Large Data Handling
Work efficiently with large complex models, such as those used in
transportation design or coming from CAD packages. Data organization tools
assist in handling models with multiple surfaces and parts. X-ray display
mode provides fast interaction and aids selection of model components
hidden behind other objects.

Real world materials
Alias ImageStudio includes an extensive library of common materials such
as car paint, plastic, glass, rubber, woods and metals as well as
sophisticated materials including woven plastic, sandblasted glass, metal
grill, transparent liquids and fabrics. All materials are easily modified
using real- world parameters to create an extensive range of looks.

Some materials in ImageStudio can be assigned textures that are projected
onto the surface of a model and wrap around the surface of objects to
provide a pattern that realistically curves and distorts. With projected
textures, photographs can be used to simulate the look of materials, such
as upholstery, fabric, cloth, woods and metals.

The Alias ImageStudio decal tool allows for quick, interactive placement
and positioning of imported images such as labels, logos or
model-enhancing details. Multiple decals can also be layered on top of
each other with an adjustable stacking order. Alpha channel support for
TIFF files also enables easy placement of stenciled artwork.

Virtual environments
Pre-defined environments provide photo studio setups, backdrops for
in-context visualization, surface evaluation, and imaged based lighting
environments (HDRI). Environments include optimal lighting, shadows,
reflectivity and backgrounds. Adjust any aspect of the environment or add
additional lights to get the look you want. Save customized environments
to be re-used with other models and shared with other users.

Alias StudioTools™ compatibility
Alias ImageStudio is very tightly integrated with StudioTools. Models from
StudioTools retain organizational information, making material application
more efficient. ImageStudio takes advantage of visualization work done in
StudioTools by allowing you to adjust common parameters of shaders
imported with the model. Models prepared in Alias ImageStudio can also be
automatically updated if design modifications are made in StudioTools.

mental ray® rendering
Long a favorite rendering technology of professionals in the fields of
computer aided design, scientific visualization, architecture and
entertainment, mental ray software’s extensive photo-realistic rendering
capabilities are now readily available to all designers through Alias

Interactive rendering
You don’t have to wait for an image to finish rendering before tweaking
scene or material parameters. The image, or a selected portion of it, will
automatically start to re-render on screen if a parameter is modified for
fast image tuning.

Render Scheduling
The integrated render queue lets you control when images are rendered.
This avoids slowing down your computer when other work is in progress.

QuickTime® output
Create QuickTimemovies or QTVR files for a more dynamic presentation.

Info: http://www.alias.com

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