David Gray -《Greatest Hits》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名Greatest Hits
歌手David Gray

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David Gray,21世纪最具影响力的词曲作者兼歌手之一发行了他的精选集。这是一张鼓舞人心的精选,是Gray最大的独立民谣的圣歌,更是一部向人们介绍这位自己创作并演唱的歌手是怎样独自努力,在本世纪初英国引发创作潮流的经典导论。此选集包含'Babylon' 和 'Please Forgive Me'。(转自UKOO原创翻译)

The trouble with Greatest Hits is that putting work together like this is it allows comparison and the unfortunate truth is that the songs from White Ladder stands head and shoulders above everything else David Gray has produced. Mythically that album was a self-financed last-throw-of-the-dice from an artist whose previous three albums had gained a lot of critical respect not sold in any great quality. The alchemy of undoubted talent blended with backs-to-the-wall desperation and gilded coffee tables across the world multi-platinum.

There is a certain a bittersweet quality to the White Ladder songs that transcended his folk rock milieu. Take the keening beauty of "Sail Away". It contain no greater lyrical genius than any of his latter work but the passion in his voice makes a believer out of you - listen to the way the way that he spits out ‘I been talking drunken gibberish’.

Equally "Babylon", his breakthrough hit, and "Please Forgive Me". It is not just the skittering electronica wedded to the elegantly simple acoustic guitar that makes these songs stand out but also the honest and raw emotions conveyed on them. Compare them to the heartless and smug "One I Love" which sounds like it belongs on the soundtrack from a bad movie (actually that’s "This Year's Love") or the new number "You're The World To Me". They sound formulaic and passionless: one part Gray yodelling, some stringy swoops, a bit of plinky plonky piano, a title and lyrics on the theme of committed love, et voilá, David’s loyal fan base have one more reason to ask for the album for Christmas.

The fact of the matter is his the majority of his best work is all on that fourth album. Chuck in a couple of others such as "Dead In The Water", the opener from A New Day At Midnight that is sadly missing here and you have a David Gray album infinitely more worth buying than this effort which is strictly for the completionistas. (Quote from www.bbc.co.uk)


01. You're The World To Me
02. Babylon
03. The One I Love
04. Please Forgive Me
05. Be Mine
06. Hospital Food
07. This Year's Love
08. Alibi
09. Sail Away
10. Shine (Live)
11. Caroline
12. The Other Side
13. Flame Burns Blue
14. Destroyer







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