Various Artist -《WWF Forceable Entry》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名WWF Forceable Entry

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音乐风格:金属 / 新激流 / Rock / Nu-Metal / NWoAHM


音频:192在社会如此和谐的时候,想听些暴力,血腥,让人疯狂的劲暴音乐吗? 恭喜你找对了,2002年的WWF的原声(后改为WWE)找来了当时最强劲的金属乐队,绝对让你听后大呼过瘾.尽情的发泄你的不满与愤怒把.我以前发过他们的ECW的一张.(查看Xtя3mz所发的帖子)

WWE原名WWF(World Wrestling Federation世界摔角协会),现在的WWE是由以前的WWF,WCW以及ECW合并组成的!! 以前的WWF更加刺激、激烈。

The tagline emblazoned across the top of this latest WWF album's cover reads, "All New WWF Superstar Themes That Rock!" And on any compilation where songs by Limp Bizkit and Marilyn Manson are unremarkable for their fast pace and fury, it can be safely said that all of the songs do "rock!" Careful work has gone into matching songs to the performers, and the opportunity to listen to this album outside the context of WWF shows means that a fan can live the fantasy any time he chooses, all day long. Even Vince McMahon's theme strengthens the role he plays in the WWF's plot: Dope's "No Chance" talks in the first person about a stupidly angry boss, and connecting McMahon with this song is smart because everybody hates their boss on some level, and this song only reminds the listener of McMahon's part in the drama. Along with "No Chance," some of the other numbers on Forceable Entry are new covers or remixes of wrestlers' theme songs. Here, this generally means a new version with dirtier guitar work throughout it. This will only bother the listener if he was really attached to the original version of one of the themes, such as Chris Jericho's "Break the Walls Down" (Sevendust), or Undertaker's "Rollin'" (Limp Bizkit). Regardless, if you know the songs played upon the entrance of these wrestlers, then you know which themes you like and which ones you don't--and you know whether or not you need this album. --Mark Huntsman


http://www.nodq.com/ WWE网站
http://www.pwinsiderxtra.com/ WWE网站
http://www.ovwrestling.com/ OVW官方网站
http://www.yucube.com/ WWE网站
http://www.titlehistories.com/ WWE网站


1. The Game (Triple H's Theme) - Drowning Pool
2. Legs (Stacy Kiebler's Theme) - Kid Rock
3. Young Grow Old - Creed
4. Glass Shatters (Stone Cold Steve Austin's Theme) - Disturbed
5. Rollin' (Dead Man Mix) (Undertaker's Theme) - Limp Bizkit
6. Whatever (Chris Benoit's Theme) - Our Lady Peace
7. Never Gonna Stop (The Black Cat Crossing Mix) (Edge's Theme) - Rob Zombie
8. One Of A Kind (Rob Van Dam's Theme) - Breaking Point
9. The Beautiful People (The WWF Remix) (Smackdown Theme) - Marilyn Manson
10. Across The Nation (Raw Theme) - The Union Underground
11. Break The Walls Down (Chris Jericho's Theme) - Sevendust
12. Turn The Tables (Dudley Boyz' Theme) - Saliva
13. Live For The Moment (Hardy Boyz' Theme) - Monster Magnet
14. End Of Everything (Raven's Theme) - Stereomud
15. Ride Of Your Life - Neurotica
16. Just Another Victim (Tazz's Theme) - Cypress Hill
17. No Chance (Mr. McMahon's Theme) - Dope
18. Lovefurypassionenergy (Lita's Theme) - Boy Hits Car Listen







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