Baalphegor -《Post Earthquake Age》[APE]

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专辑中文名Post Earthquake Age

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Genre:Brutal Death Metal
Label:Fast Beast Entertainment



Brutal Death [残酷死亡] (CANNIBAL CORPSE、SINISTER、MALVOLENT CREATION、KATAKLYSM、OPPRESSOR) 对于那些更疯狂的乐迷来说,早前的死亡金属已经不能满足,而且那些旋律和氛围段落都是糟粕,他们喜欢更硬朗的声音。因此死亡的发展变得越来越生猛残酷。这个行列里最早的代言人是靠极端封面艺术起家的CANNIBAL CORPSE,虽然那时他们总给你一种哗众取宠的感觉,但是时间证明经过多年的磨练他们已经变成了在方方面面都非常杰出大牌乐队。90年代初期的死亡走向很多,讲究的是创新,演奏技巧。大多死亡乐队不愿搞单纯的残酷死亡,觉得这没水平。虽然现在已经有死亡乐迷觉得这些老乐队都不过瘾了,SINISTER和 HYPOCRISY在现在的死亡乐迷眼里已经不是那么残酷的乐队了,但时代不同,概念也就不同,他们在当时就是现在的DISGORGE和DEEDS OF FLESH。虽说残酷死亡不是真正的流派或分支,但随着不断的乐队往这个方向的努力,到了新千年新一轮的残酷死亡潮流似乎是挽救死亡帝国的唯一希望。来自加拿大的残酷死亡乐队。Kataklysm在离开残酷死亡凶狠的传统路上越行越远,但是没有离开。或者说Kataklysm选择的是另一条道路。对于大多数死亡金属乐迷,Kataklysm提供了残酷死亡的另一种可能。

Good god there's a lot of brutal death these days. Everywhere you turn another band seems to be popping out of the woodwork, intent on creating the most brutal, punishing, and (optionally) technical music possible. Of course, all these bands run the gamut from brilliant to utter musical abortions. Baalphagor is closer to the former with their sophomore LP 'Post Earthquake Age', which offers solid brutal death with an extra helping of technicality for your pleasure and pain.

The music here is pretty typical of modern brutal death metal: fierce double kick/blasting drums, atonal, carving riffs, Mullen-style vocals. Baalphegor's music possesses a slight edge in atmosphere, with brief ambient portions that help set the stage for the metal ('...Moments Of The Creation...' is entirely ambient, and a good swath of the title track is as well). The band itself plays very well, clearly experienced with their individual instruments. Baalphegor is also fairly strong in the songwriting department; none of the compositions come off as being particularly weak.

Granted, none of them stand out dramatically, either. 'Post Earthquake Age' tends to be an absent-minded, if capable, listen. I can't think of many songs that grabbed me, aside from opener and closer. However, for the time that it's on, there are no tremendous problems with the album either. In general, 'Post Earthquake Age' mostly presents itself well, popping into the foreground with the occasional spot of impressive technical riffing or drumwork. There's a slight epic tinge to the album which sets it apart from with rest; fitting, given the title.

If there's one identifiable problem that prevents 'Post Earthquake Age' from moving up to the next tier, it is a slight overemphasis on technicality. At times more emphasis is set on technicality than on creating memorable, driving songs, which is to the detriment of the album as a whole. One ends up remembering portions more than songs, resulting in an album that doesn't really associate well in the mind of a listener that may want to seek more out from a band. Perhaps with slightly simpler compositions, this problem could be rectified.

Overall, 'Post Earthquake Age' is a solid, if not amazing, brutal death metal album. Though somewhat lacking in memorability, it makes up for it in musical capability. Very good for fans of the genre, not bad for those outside-------------------http://www.metal-archives.com/review.php?id=126897


Baalphegor is a dignified, tan-skinned she-devil with red eyes and hair and bat wings as well as human feet instead of hooves. She appears young and carefree but when angered, her eyes glow with flames and her usually musical voice becomes very harsh.


Baalphegor is said to have been around since the creation of Baator itself. She's a very skilled diplomat and tactician, and an unmatched sorceress. She has created many artifacts and techniques used throughout the Nine Hells. In addition to her status, this fact granted her a deep respect from almost everyone in Baator, even from Asmodeus, who appreciates her to the point of letting her live with her ever-scheming consort.

In terms of politics, Baalphegor is said to have once been the ruler of Cania, a position she obtained very long ago, even before Asmodeus seized control of Baator. She turned the ancient arch-lords of Baator against each other in order for her to remain in charge, but she was ultimately considered far too powerful and was made consort to Gargauth, an arch-devil who ended up expelled from the Nine Hells for his foul nature to become one of the deities of the Forgotten Realms. Baalphegor then became the consort of Mephistopheles when he took the rulership of Cania from Rimmon, another ancient arch-lord who now serves in Asmodeus's armies.

NOTE: Much of this history has been overturned by the recent Fiendish Codex II, which states that Baator itself was a creation of Asmodeus and that he, Dispater, and Mephistopheles were the first Archdevils to set foot on the plane. Thus, Baalphegor was never ruler of Cania (ie, it has always been Mephistopheles).

Knowing all too well her master's position, Baalphegor keeps her goals to herself, acting with a minimal degree of loyalty to the Lord of the Eighth. Mephistopheles tolerates this due to the protection given by his consort's presence. Asmodeus never wished to have her as his consort (although the canny she-devil is clearly trying to get more of his attention), as he prefers having a powerful underling at his disposal rather than a shrewd witch at his side.

Along with Lilis, Baalphegor is the consort who retained her position the longest time without any real trouble.

Creative origins

Baalphegor is named for a male demon of Christian mythology named Belphegor, who is also concerned with artful inventions and often takes the form of a woman.


1. Manipulated Nerves Impulses 04:21
2. Humtec Sphere 03:54
3. Ansphina 03:49
4. The New Adoreds 07:27
5. Filter Of Life 04:08
6. ...Moments Of The Creation... 00:26
7. New Coming Are Slave 04:24
8. Source Of Energy 04:04
9. Post Earthquake Age 04:03






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