Tears For Fears -《Elemental》[MP3!]

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专辑艺人:Tears For Fears
发行公司:Mercury / Universal
发行日期:June 22, 1993
音乐流派:Alternative Rock/New Wave


92年Curt Smith离去后Roland Orzabal以Tears For Fears名义发表的个人专辑——集词曲、所有乐器、演唱于一身,这张专辑散发出一种被好友离弃后的苍凉中又带有些超脱的感情。对于Roland演唱的评价:“如同山峰上一位世外使者俯看世间,低郁中是一道直通心底的电波,音域宽广,真假声都非常精确干脆,丝毫没有拖曳的迹象,既有年轻的激越也有成年的豁达。”


1. Elemental
2. Cold
3. Break It Down Again
4. Mr. Pessimist
5. Dog's a Best Friend's Dog
6. Fish Out of Water
7. Gas Giants
8. Power
9. Brian Wilson Said
10. Goodnight Song

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FORMED: 1981

TFF topped the charts in the '80s with world-wide hits such as - "Shout" (#1 in US), "Everybody Wants To Rule The World (#1 in US), "Sowing The Seeds Of Love" (#2 in US), "Head Over Heels" (#3 in US), and "Advice For The Young At Heart". TFF has sold over 17,000,000 albums.

The "Tears For Fears" name was derived from the book "Primal Scream" by Arthur Janov, "tears as a replacement for fears". Both Roland and Curt were heavily influenced by Janov's book. (Before Curt and Roland created TFF, they were in the band "Graduate", and before that "Neon".)Two TFF song titles from their first album "The Hurting" were taken from chapters in Janov's book; "Ideas As Opiates" and "The Prisoner". Roland and Curt made the album so they could afford to take Janov's "Primal Scream" therapy, but after the success of the album and singles, they didn't have the time. Roland eventually took six years of British Primal psychotherapy, which he said was more of "a primal whimper".

Roland and Curt met at age 13 in Bath. A mutual friend (Paul) introduced them. Roland heard Curt singing in his room to a "Blue Oyster Cult" record ("Then Came The Last Days Of May"), thought he sounded good (Curt's voice had "broken", and Roland's hadn't yet), so Roland asked him to be in his band.They got along well because they both came from dysfunctional homes, and had a similar sense of humour. Over the years, they were in various "kid" bands together. Curt once stole 3 violins from school and gave them to Roland as a Christmas gift. Roland tried to learn to play them to justify the crime.

Later on, Curt went to college (to become an English teacher) while Roland formed a folk duo called "Busar", which played Simon and Garfunkle covers, as well as his own music. Roland and Curt then joined "Neon", before they joined "Graduate" in 1979. Their friend, David Lord, turned them on to synthesizers and introduced them to keyboardist Ian Stanely. At 19, Orzabal and Smith joined Stanely and drummer Manny Elias to form TFF.

After "The Hurting" LP was released in '83, Roland and Curt continued building on their success with "Songs From The Big Chair" in 85, and "The Seeds Of Love" in '89.But trouble, both professional and personal, was brewing between them by 1989. Roland said that by the time he wrote "Laid So Low", it was a play on the word "Solo". Roland and Curt went through a difficult breakup after the "Sowing The Seeds of Love" tour wrapped. At the time, Curt was also going through a divorce from his first wife, Lynn.

Roland continued with the Tears name. 'Tears Roll Down; Greatest Hits' was released in 1993. Roland released three more albums; Elemental ('93), Raoul & The Kings Of Spain ('95), SM&L (b-sides) ('96).
Curt released his first solo album "Soul On Board". He moved to NY and started a new band, "Mayfield", and he released an album with Mayfield, under that title. He moved to L.A., married Frances, and had a daughter.

In December 1999, Curt released his second solo album "Aeroplane". He is currently working on a new CD, and appeared in a 2002 film called "Public Private". For more info on Curt and his solo projects, visit his web site at: Zerodisc.com.

In 2001, Roland released his first solo CD under his name titled Tomcats Screaming Outside. After 13 years, Roland and Curt have put aside their differences and have produced the new CD, Everybody Loves A Happy Ending.






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