Hans Zimmer -《1 的力量》(The Power of One)[APE]

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专辑中文名1 的力量
专辑英文名The Power of One
艺术家Hans Zimmer

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一九九二年,汉斯季默为[一的力量The Power Of One]配乐,由于和导演之间有忠于[非洲之声]的默契,他创作出一张近年来纯粹非洲部族音乐的代表作。这张电影原声带不但成为发烧片,还为日后因[狮子王The Lion King]电影配乐得到奥斯卡奖埋下契机。(专辑介绍来自本论坛MP3版本)

Released in 1992 The Power of One is an adaptation of Bryce Courtenay's novel. Hans Zimmer teamed up with African musician and composer Lebo M for the film's score and the result is one of Zimmer's most unique and satisfying scores ever, and one of the reasons he was hired to score Disney's The Lion King a couple of years later.

With the film taking place in South Africa, the score is performed entirely by African choir and solo vocals, supported by percussion and wind instruments, with some electronics. Fans of The Lion King score, especially the choral parts, will probably love The Power of One. I know I do.

Two outstanding cues bookend the score - The Rainmaker and Mother Africa (Reprise) - and the power, energy and wonderful melodies they offer is simply oustanding. Of Death & Dying is just as amazing, but heartbreakingly beautiful instead of uplifting and optimistic, with its soft, humming choir, flutes and solo voices. Zimmer is an outstanding tunesmith and The Power of One has its fair share of excellent themes and melodies. The uplifting and lively Penny Whistle Song, for example, includes some lovely music performed by penny whistle.

The soundtrack CD also includes a number of traditional African songs, and even if these perhaps aren't as exciting as the original score cues they are the real deal and fit perfectly with Zimmer's score. The only glaring and rather embarrassing track is the title track, The Power of One - a pop song with African influences. Skip it.

An excellent score and an equally excellent listening experience on CD - in fact, this score manages to stand on its own, separated from the visuals, like few other scores.

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01. The Rainmaker (0746) Hans Zimmer & Lebo M.
02. Mother Africa (0619) Hans Zimmer & Lebo M.
03. Of Death & Dying (0411) Hans Zimmer & Lebo M.
04. Limpopo River Song (0154) David Khabo Performed by The Bulawayo Church Choir
05. The Power Of One (0517) Johnny Clegg Performed by Teddy Pendergrass
06. Woza Mfana (0156) Hans Zimmer & Lebo M.
07. Southland Concerto (0226) Traditional Arranged by Johnny Clegg
08. Senzenina (0148) Traditional Arranged by Johnny Clegg
09. Penny Whistle Song (0214) Hans Zimmer & Lebo M.
10. The Funeral Song (0142) David Khabo Performed by The Bulawayo Church Choir
11. Wangal' Unozipho (0324) David Khabo Performed by The Bulawayo Church Choir
12. Mother Africa Reprise (0802) Hans Zimmer & Lebo M.






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